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    Talking .NET CSGO External ESP Codebase

    I saw several requests for this on various forums and gig websites, figured I'd make it happen. I basically did a side by side recode/conversion of an already existing C# External ESP for CSGO, in Visual Basic .NET 2012. I broke the memory reading and drawing into their own threads, which smooths out drawing compared to the original base. I also added distance display. It had an already working Recoil Crosshair, works pretty good still. Not sure if I prefer it with the added 8 to the position. It was in the original base but always displayed the crosshair wrong for the first shots.

    You can use a freely available offset dumper for CSGO to update the offsets in this code to whatever version of the game you are playing. Replace 0x in the output of the dumper with &H, and paste into the constants.

    YOU MUST RUN VS OR THE PROGRAM AS ADMINISTRATOR! OpenProcess API requires Admin privileges to return a proper process ID, otherwise it will be 0. I never got around to fixing the bad if statement (carried over from C# base) about it being 0, so the program just doesn't display anything besides the menu. Basically it gets past the "is the process there" if, because the return is true, and it gets past that 0 check thats in there.

    I wouldn't call this "Undetected" or "Undetectable" by any means. But, many of the required tools to make it unique and harder to find are provided. Customize customize customize! Any changes you make make it that much harder for them to detect you individually using a sig based on the publicly available code.

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