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    Cool HGWC Inside Story.

    When u start The CrossFire, the HGWC will start too.

    HGWC using the "wm_gettext" <---This function will get all the window title, including the name of the page.

    If u using the PAYPAL, maybe U all infomation already disclosure.

    u can check on CrossFire/hgwc , all SLG files all is records

    Below is a article: sure, u can skip it this article

    since the last update HGWC.exe does a new, very dirty thing to your pc, while playing crossfire:
    it scans the text in the title bars of any window for any open program (with the wm_gettext command, for those who are interested)

    this means if you have opened a site in your browser (the site then typically reads for example "[security risk - read this!] hgwc = spyware - Z8Games - Mozilla Firefox") the spyware will collect this data about what stands in the headline
    to g funny, crossfire does even know when you watch "EROTIC MOVIES" (the other word is censored) when you do it while having the game open

    so the program has the capability to read text from open programs, potentially compromising the privacy of some sensitive programs
    this spyware does memory scanning too, so make sure to never run important things which u want to keep private while playing CF

    i doubt the effectiveness of this method to sort out cheaters by the way, since its not hard to change the headline of a programm, its more an offense to all players who play without cheats but get scanned anyway

    i dont care what happens here, although it maybe is illegal since the ToS / licenese agreement does not say anything about this, so it is computer espionage? i dont know, whether i care since i regard the internet as an lawfree place where everyone does what he wants wheter others like or not and everyone is responsible to secure his system on his own, so basically if you are scanned its your job to get rid of this, no one else will do this job for you (its enough to inform you)

    also to get problems there first must be someone who starts a legal court against whatever (z8games?), maybe you guys think about changing your ToS and license agreements and inform ppl about whats going on on their computers when playing your game

    For all who ask now:
    of course it IS possible to circumvent xtrap spying you while playing, but this requires technical knowledge and it is maybe easier to close everything else while playing or/and use an separate PC for playing this game

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