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    Prince William Wants a PS4 but still doesn't Have One

    It has been confirmed that the Duke of Cambridge Prince William Arthur Philip Louis still doesn’t have a PlayStation 4.

    Prince William would like a PlayStation 4, but he does not yet have one, for even the Earl of Strathearn is subject to the iron rule of a small human being who must be fed and cared for at all hours of the day, an activity that takes priority to the purchase and usage of a PlayStation 4.

    "It's very addictive," said the Baron Carrickfergus, who does not yet have a PlayStation 4 but may get one in the near future, dependent upon both the wishes of his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" née Middleton, and the behavior of his infant son, His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, who was born in July of the Year of Our Lord 2013 and has not yet expressed any interest in a PlayStation 4.

    Prince William Wants a PS4 but still doesn't Have One

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    why the repeat post in xbox area and others, and what the hell ps4 have in common with xbox ?

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