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    Lightbulb Learning PHP Basics With MisterMax3

    Hello My Name is mistermax3 this is my first post I hope it be Useful For You I Me A highlight in this forum Show And I'm Util Well Then Let There:

    PHP ( recursive acronym for : PHP : Hypertext Preprocessor ) is a programming language widely used today to generate content for the web . PHP was created in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf , being initially a package to replace the CGI Perl Scripts . PHP allowed initially programmers to create simple applications for the web .
    The creator of PHP released the source code for PHP users can refine and improve the code , adding features and correcting problems .

    PHP versions :

    PHP / FI 2.0 : This version has a long time as Beta , with several bugs to be solved . It was released in 1997 .
    PHP 3 : First version of PHP similar to ours . It was mainly created by Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski , also in 1997 , being released only in 1998 . This version became official and were abandoned developments PHP / FI 2.0 . One of the distinct PHP 3 , in relation to its high capacity 2.0 was extensibility , this version being the key for the current PHP .
    PHP 4 : PHP 3 was a major breakthrough , not designed for more complex applications . The creators of PHP 3.0 then developed the Zend Engine , this engine was used as the basis for the creation of PHP 4 , which was released in May 2000 . This version of PHP was created with some methods that allowed the interaction between language and other components of the WEB as HTTP Sessions and Output buffers . This version popularized further PHP because it allowed interaction with other functions .
    PHP 5 : Launched in 2004 , PHP 5 was designed based on the Zend Engine 2.0 , and brought several innovations . The orientation of objects in this version of PHP has been completely rewritten to meet new needs ace .
    The PHP source code is available to anyone at no cost. The license and editing is Open Source , meaning anyone can market any modified version of PHP , and any change must continue with the open source code for users to explore and modify . This licensing system brings no profit to the developers because they provide everything to the public for free , and the public , in turn , help reporting bugs and helping to modify the source code . Many companies support the PHP developers , because they do not seek to profit by creating and developing the program . PHP is widely used with Linux and MySQL , two other Open Source programs .


    Tags that can be used to delimit a PHP script are:

    PHP Code:
    / / 1.
    <? php echo ("must be used to dispose of XHTML or XML");?>
    / / 2.
    <? echo ("this is the simplest and used");?>
    / / 3.
    *** <script language="php">
    ****** echo ("another way of delimiting the script.");
    *** </ 
    / / 
    * <% Echo ("You can also optionally use ASP tags")%>
    The second type of tag is not always available, and to be enabled in the PHP configuration file.

    PHP Code:
    short_open_tag On 
    The fourth option is disabled by defult hablitada should also be in the configuration file to be utilized.

    PHP Code:
     Allow ASP-style <%%> tags.
    asp_tags Off 
    In trexo code below is an example of assigning values ​​to variables and how they should be concatenated.

    PHP Code:
    <? php
    ** $ name "Mister";
    ** $ 
    last "Max3";
    ** $ 
    age 14;
    ** echo 
    "Name:". $ name"<br /> name." name"<br /> Age." age";
    Most variables in PHP
    only has local scope in the context in which it was defined, it is added to the translation files included it is used mostly Files To Include Other File PHP or HTML. See the following example.

    [PHP] <? Php
    $ var = 1;
    include "";
    ?> [/ PHP]

    Good People That All is One Basics Of PHP Quick'll bring More Experiences Of My Classes Computer Thank you!

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