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    Faking Mouse Clicks (Linux)

    Hello all,

    I was digging through my tutorials for something a bit more obscure than all the other stuff here.

    I don't take credit for this tutorial but I don't know who wrote it originally, it was in a big zip of tutorials I got.

    Basically, this allows you to simulate mouse clicks in Linux.

    You might have to link against

    #include <X11/extensions/XTest.h>
    Display *TheXDisplay;
    TheXDisplay = XOpenDisplay(NULL); // Get current x display
    XTestFakeButtonEvent(TheXDisplay, 1,true,0);  // Left mouse down
    XTestFakeButtonEvent(TheXDisplay, 1,false,0);  // Left mouse up
    XFlush(TheXDisplay);  // Push all queued events out
    XCloseDisplay(TheXDisplay); // Close display
    Good luck.

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