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    Ollydbg for newbies (Reversing with Lena)

    Lena's reversing tutorials for newbies
    AuthoR: lena151
    This is the wonderful collection of 40 flash movies where you can find clear explanation of cracking process using ollydbg. Each tutorial also includes all the required tools for Reversing (ollydbg scripts, crackmes etc.)

    But tutorials don't explain assembly code well enough for real newbies. So, if you just start learning reversing it would be better to learn the basics of Assembly Code - what it is and how it let you reverse (to learn registers and how the software accesses memory, what binary actually means to the reverser and how to translate that into hexadecimal etc.).

    Tutorials list

    Download Lena's reversing tutorial for newbies. Full package
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    Re: Ollydbg for newbies (Reversing with Lena)

    Can upload to another mirror please ? Says download limit reached. Thanks

    EDIT: Nevermind i have downloaded from another source. Thanks
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