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    Lightbulb How to Quickly Install Repeat Windows

    For All Member who often reinstall your computer, now log out want to share a quick reinstall. reinstall windows xp without formatting (not REPAIR) ...
    inspiration comes from the frequent favorite PC cranky all the time. reinstall almost every month because of having a virus, driver error and sometimes slow.
    do not stand irritated and want to replace the computer with a better spec but because the intention to upgrade the charges pressed unbroken Feedback boarding for surviving children sometimes have to borrow it wrote here looking for a way to borrow there gogling gogling Here at last was a unique inspiration for annoyance and not a computer still be optimal even without reformatting or reinstalling

    The steps are as follows:
    1.Open windows xp windows xp cd you out. (From the hard drive can also be).

    2.Find the location of the file 'winnt32' presence at the palace i386 folder.
    example (assuming G is the cd drive):
    G: \ I386 \ winnt32

    3.If you found, now click start button> run type:
    G: \ I386 \ winnt32 / unattend
    pastiin between 32 and / there is a space.
    then press enter or run. immediately begin the process and then restart the installation process of windows xp " D " her.

    5.If the installation is finished ... just wear " D " ... no need to install drivers and others are all full ga no files or programs that ilang.

    May be useful ^^

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