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    How to make a simple .Swf Player

    Not long ago i was looking for a .swf player and i didnt found any i would like, and it was kinda funny because i as a self acclaimed programmer im so lazy i was looking for this, and then the lightning struck me.

    why not make my own .swf player? (du`h)

    Disclamer: my written english is basic so if you se any grammar mistakes feel free to tell me where they are and ill correct them.

    what do you need?

    you need: Visual Studio and patience(im using visual studio 2010).

    - Lets Begin, it took my more than this but im pretty sure it will be like 5 minutes until you get your own .Swf Player.

    Open your Visual Studio and go to Archive > new > proyect and open a windows form application


    (as you can see im using VS in spanish but dont bother)

    then you need to open your toolbox and right click in here


    that way you will add a new element that perhap you dont have in your tool box wich is this one, you need to go to the COM components a look for shockwave flash object


    accept and drag click your new shinny shockwave flash object into your form and it should look like this.


    as you can see i added 2 buttons and 1 textboxt. ill explain later why i did, but first double click into your 1s button that i called Buscar, yours should be Search or Find whatever (if you dont know how to change the name of your buttons dont worry leave it like that).

    as i said, go into the 1st button. then write this inside


    i wont paste the code, because if you write it for yourself you will remember it easy next time you need it.

    as you can see this says that when you click the button you create a method that is called ventana, that ventana will store the name of what you clicked

    for the filters is really hard for me to explain i even had trouble what that awfull explanation up there but here
    FileDialog.Filter Property (System.Windows.Forms) it will explain better how it works.

    then go into your second button, and all you need its to get the whole path of your file into a String and store it in a variable and call it with the Loadmovie Function


    this is the outcome


    Of course you can resize the ShockWave screen and you will get a bigger screen but you can do that for yourself


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    Thanks for the share, it's true that it is hard to find a swf player.

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