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    Intro to Game Dev Video Tutorial

    Intro to Game Dev Video Tutorial

    Introduction - C++ Level III
    Running Time: 00:22:48
    An introduction to the third volume of the C++ series, which covers the creation of a simple game.

    Project Management
    Running Time: 00:21:58
    A discussion of the importance of project management, a necessary skill for keeping up with your work.

    Game Loop
    Running Time: 00:33:40
    A lesson covering the creation of the game loop class, which powers the cycling system of the game.

    Draw Engine
    Running Time: 00:39:32
    The development process of the Draw Engine class for our game, which handles the visible game elements.

    Sprite Class
    Running Time: 00:31:09
    A lesson over the creation of the Sprite class, which covers things like our hero, enemy, and fireball.

    Character Class
    Running Time: 00:16:31
    Development of the Character class, which inherits from Sprite and describes a playable character.

    Running Time: 01:03:45
    Development of the Level class, which handles level behavior and dimension. A very technical video.

    Enemy Class
    Running Time: 00:48:42
    Development of the Enemy class, including some simple AI to handle the chasing of the player.

    Mage and Fireball
    Running Time: 00:34:04
    Development of the Mage and Fireball classes, which concludes the programming for this game.

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