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    Question Finding structure in memory(common things)

    Hi all!
    I'm trying to understand the principle finding data structures in game memory, the example of Lineage II HF (Private server)

    First i can find my current HP witch Cheat Engine

    I can find pointer for this data, like nwindow.dll+0x0011FE ofset1+ofset2+ofset3+ofset4
    but i want find data structure of my char, like
    Base - 0x0
    Level - 0x8
    Class - 0x4 + 0x1C + 20
    Name - 0xC8 + 0x0 + 0x0
    Current HP - 0x48
    Max HP - 0x58
    Over HP - 0x68
    Current MP - 0x78
    Max MP - 0x88
    Over MP - 0x98
    Camera Rotation - 0x74
    I can run Ollydbg and see memory adress of my current HP

    I tried to add EDX in CE, like a struct:

    but, after restart the Game result of adressing is changed and EDX was changed

    Please help me
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    you have to find a pointer

    hello. first of all, i can't see the screens you add to your post (they were deleted from the hosting server).
    However, i assume i can help you anyhow.
    The addresses are changed because you didn't find the right pointer. I mean, finding the offset which the game runs by permanently.
    How would you do that? first, find a value and it's real address (with pointer scan or so) then, check the assembly command. It has to be something like mov [ebx+***.dll+0142], eax. the offset is NOT the ebx but the added value (in my example 0x0142). now, knowing the offsets, in CE go to memory view>debug>Dissect Data\Structures and build the data structure with the offset you have and the address you found first. navigate through the values while playing your game to identify another valueable addresses in the data structure.
    i hope this helps,

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