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    Cool Anti DDos Attack and botnet

    what is DDos Attack ? , ddos attack that spam at your static ip and let your service down like website or game service..
    and some other using botnet ,
    what is botnet ? , that botnet have 2 way , 1st way he is using 4 server have half connection and target one IP (your IP)
    and 2nd way using trojan to connect to your pc and let your connection down

    how can i stop ddos attack ?
    a lot of software can stop ddos attack like kiwiguard , anti ddos guardian

    how can i stop botnet ?

    you can use zonealarm that good firewall and free , always scan trojan from your network lan , and that software can
    stop your ddos too because he can optimize traffic too

    if you want more help please tell me here and i will help you more

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