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    Looking for somone to program a bot for an MMORPG paying $$$

    The game is AW Planet (find it on google)

    I don't care how it is created using SCAR or SIMBA or create your own software to be injected into the game. But I would like the bot to be able to run continuously for at least 24 hours without getting stuck or something.

    If you are aware of runescape and how its bots work this is similar to how I want the bots for the MMO to work. The functions on this game are similar to runescape.

    Things I need the bot to be able to do:

    Mining / walk to bank / deposit in bank / repeat

    Most skills I need the bot to be able to do are similar to mining. Be able to deposit or withdraw items... use items on other items in game to create new items

    Also I would like the bot to be able to kill monsters and then kill monsters and bank as well. For just power leveling I would like to be able to set the bot in an area to train and have some sort of walk back function so it does not wander off.

    If you have any more questions please let me know. I do have a few accounts on the game for your disposal to test and see how the game operates.

    My friend and I are the ones financing this and are willing to pay good money for some scripts that are reliable and consistant.

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