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Thread: Pointer/Offsets

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    //====================Crossfire Logger===================\
    #define WeaponMgr: 0x08D57FD0
    #define PlayerBasicInfo: 0x08CF0EA0
    #define LTClient: 0x0851F4A4
    #define NoReload: 0x00000C38
    #define NoChange: 0x00000C3C
    #define NoWeaponWeigth: 0x8B084B7A
    #define FastKnife1: 0x000A6CB9
    #define FastKnife2: 0x000AB4B8
    #define AmmoDamage: 0x8B084B7A
    #define GatlingDelay: 0x00003944
    //======================Logger Done======================\
    //==================by Cfhackerfree======================\
    Me Coder
    Ryuzakiâ„¢ Patterns

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