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    The Mutation Survival

    Let's start with Zone 13th.

    This map is not the biggest but there's alot of spot to survive. You can run around the map or just camp. These are my best choice because they don't p*** off mutants because of blocking or because they can't reach the roof but because of good teamwork!

    Traffic Light

    It's a very good spot, because mutant are forced to jump to get you. Just shoot before they jump or while. Have someone to check behind, because there's a good jump trick on the fences to get on the light. And have another dude ready to shot if you run out of ammo. Assault Rifle or Sniper can be good but Machine Gun are always better.


    It's an underestimated spot. It's a very good one, but watch out because Maiden can jump from both side of the container. The best thing is: someone stay in the middle (on the edge) and shot mutants when they climb the little box and have some peoples on each side of the edge to cover him.

    Glass Roof/Bus

    Not many people use this spot. Think about that, you are four on the glass roof. Two at each extremity. One shot mutants when they jump on the boxes and the other shot if it gets out of control or if you teammate needs to reload. But remind this: More you are, more chance you have,


    Alright, this spot is good in case of emergency. If you camp there the whole time, you'll run out of ammo, because mutants are not forced to jump to get you. It's better if you're atleast two. One shot then you alternate when you need to reload. But watch out, you see the door? If mutant get a good boost (G function), they will be able to jump on it and get you, keep an eye on it. If it get out of control jump down and go jump on the container to escape (you know what I'm talking about? If not click here).

    Mini roof

    This is my favorite spot for some reason. Mutants are forced to jump. Shot them before they jump or while. This spot works very well alone, just imagine with your friends. Machine Gun recommanded. Sometime they hide behind the container (each sides: at the box or under the roof), if you have a mutation grenade use it when they hide where the box is.

    Stair/Edge #2

    The edge on the left, uN*[Y]mz.Lt (KIDZBOP) showed me this spot, it really works! I don't need to tell that you need Machine Guns and alot of people. Stay in the back as much as possible, just jump on your teammate's head then tank the mutants when they come near the edge. Keep an eye on mutants who boost from under. If you camp on the left, mutants can't get you from the right side unlike if you camp on the right side. Give it a try, it works!
    [/b]Thank you uN*[Y]mz.Lt (KIDZBOP)!

    Balcony Building

    My clan and I discover this awesome spot, it really works. You can stand for a
    wahile alone, imagine with your clan! Bring machine guns as always and defend.
    Don't stay next to the window, because mutants can get you. You can shot through
    the window also. If there's any maiden, watch the container under, because they
    jump high enough to get you or 1 of your teammate. I'm sure mutants can also boost
    but I've never tried. It's now one of my best spot in Zone 13th!

    Now let's move on Port Nano!

    This map is big enough to run around the map. There's only few spot but it's better than nothing, I don't suggest spot that require lagg jump or boost (BL Spawn box, the tower and the silo thing) because it's easy to get caught.


    One of best spot in Mutation Mode, it's really hard for mutant to get you but not impossible! Always stay back, cuz mutant can boost and get you on the edge but they can't jump on the spot, remind this (except if they make a stair but I've never seen this in my whole life in CrossFire). So stay away from the edge. Shoot only when they climb on the side to get on the spot, like this you save alot of ammo. You can kill flashing mutants but don't waste too much ammo. Finally don't jump down to get a box if there's an army of mutants waiting (It sounds idiot but trust me, some people do it).


    This spot is an emergency spot usually, when A-Site is mutated but you can go there anytime it's a very good spot. But why this spot usually fail? For two reason: First, people stand at the extremity of the container (the one you see on the pic) and got caught because mutant boost from under. Stay inside and away from the door. Second, people usually don't check behind, mutant can boost on the box behind and enter the container. So watch both side. Why you think blockers usually fail too, because they don't cover their back.

    Little passage

    People usually camp at the ladder, I just want to say that the ladder is not high enough to camp on it, don't camp there, stay away and go behind the little passage (where's there's alot of space). But watch both side, maiden can jump higher or mutant can boost too. Nothing much to say about this spot, :p
    Alright, now Excavation!

    This map is very big but you cannot really hide because it's really exposed. In other words: it's easy to see you. But don't worry, why hide when you can trap the mutant! You knew this map is called "Death Trap" in CrossFire Philippines? Just saying that the death trap is meant to be used against mutant not the opposite! Let's see:

    Death Trap/Cage

    I presume that the cage is the death trap. Alright this spot is one of the best Mutation Mode spot too. But flash and smoke can break everything so don't. This spot fail when people wait at the door until a mutant come or to be ready to get the supply box and when people reload at the time, lol. Stay away from to the door even if it's clear for you. Mutant (like me) usually camp on the side box until someone is about to leave the cage. Be careful!

    Side Wall

    Not a bad spot but not thet best. You can hold a while but it will get out of control after. For few reasons: First,mutants boost from behind, second, people run out of bullet or reload at the same time. Basicly, mutants are forced to jump, but once they are on the top, they are kinda hard to knockback them cause of the "keep pressing jump" trick. Don't waste bullet, watch both side and try to shoot mutant when they jump on the little boxes, to avoid a big waste of bullet because they will rush on the top of the side wall.

    Top of the Pyramid

    The top of the pyramid is a good spot but it require a boost or the lagg jump. This spot can't p*** off mutants because they jump a bit higher, just enough to get you. Go with a teammate on it (boost him if he don't know how to lagg jump) and shot mutant when they are about to jump on the box, but don't camp there if there's any maiden in the room and don't stay on the edge (I know there's not alot of space but try) because they jump from the bloc (the left bloc on the pic).

    Basic Spot

    Also used as a emergency spot, this one is really good in general! But why this spot fail? Because of Maiden, people who only shoot 1 side (left or right) and people who stand on the edge. When you are on this spot, be sure to take care of everything I said in the previous sentence. Shoot maiden when they jump on the long platform (The second on the pic, under the other long one), watch both side and stay away from the edge. Good luck soldier!

    Pyramid passage

    Not the best spot but can be good, I'm pretty sure. It mainly fail because mutant are not forced to jump but can fail also if mutant boost behind. Bring alot of people and alot of machine gun too and watch both side. Try it out and if it fail, don't worry, just take another one in my guide, :3
    It's time for Research Facility

    Alright, people usually complain that this map is too small, well, it's true. That's why you need to teamwork alot! Also, people complain that there's not spot. Hehe, it's not true, I'll prove it!

    Hole in the wall

    People usually camp there. Why? Because mutants are forced to jump. But this spot fail when: Mutant jump from the pipe to get human on the edge, stay away from the pipe when you're on the edge. If a mutant appear inside, stuck him on the corner but have some people checking the pipe.

    Balcony/Water Room

    This spot can be good if you DON'T break the glass. If you are alot of people, you can stand for while. How? Simple! Shot mutant when they ARE ABOUT to jump on the balcony from the vent. They will fall down each time and they will be p*** off and they will come from behind. Have an army ready to shot them. If you shot the glass, you'll have too much mutants to shoot at the same time. This spot can work really well alone but it's always better in team.

    Alt: You can all go the balcony in the back (where's there's the glass). And shoot mutant when they jump from the balcony (left)/vent (right). Don't stay in front of both access, stay in the middle of the balcony and shoot!

    Note: When people are p*** off, they shoot the glass the round after, xD

    Mini Room (Inside/Top)

    Top: If you're lucky, get on the top but don't waste ammo. Only shoot when they try to climb. And if you shoot through the glass, you won't get any kill, that's why sometime you must go at the edge to get some kill, but that's also where soldier fail, they get caught because they stand at the edge. Your choice, no kill but win, kill but mutated! And let some people climb also (not to much). If you break the box right after you're the top, you get less chance. But if you are like three, four or more, watch out, they can be host infection, :p

    Inside: This spot is full of win, but people always fail. Why? Because they stand at the edge or too near of it. Stay at the very back of this room. "But they can boost!" Yeah they can, but what's the danger if you're at the back. Just shoot them when they get inside! But, too much people result atleast someone near the edge, so watch out,

    Glass Floor Room

    Bring the most people you can and you'll be able to tank the mutants! But don't break the glass! If they're about to get you or if some people have been mutated at this spot, shoot the glass and run away from different direction. But there's a little escape trick, not easy but it works. You can jump on the publicity sign right under from this spot. Good luck!

    Publicity Sign

    I just can't believe almost nobody use this spot! When I play on CrossFire China, they abuse this spot, xD Yeah I know they have overpowered weapon but trust me, we already have tanked those dread with Xm8, Uzi, M4A1 and M60, Just shoot mutants when they are about or while they jump. DO NOT BREAK THE GLASS! They can jump from the glass floor room and get soldier while they fall! Good Luck Soldier!

    Small Room

    Alright, this spot is very good when no one shoot the glass, almost impossible, I know. But if you get the chance, take it. Bring alot of people with machine gun. If you are two, don't reload at the same time. Try to bring alot of people and you'll be ok. Remember, never shoot mutants through the fence. Because you'll forget to check the door and you'll get mutated or you'll shoot the glass by mistake. Kill 'Em All!
    Now, Tranquility

    It's a huge map, very good for running and jumping! There's few spot you can camp alone, but in this part of the guide, I'm showing the best spot for teamwork! Let's check it out!


    This spot is very good, people will usually camp on the ladder, which is good, but I suggest to go on the top and shoot mutants when they climb the ladder. Shot only when they climb to save ammo. If nobody camp on the ladder, they will be able to reach the balcony. It's hard sometime for mutants to get you they have to find the good angle. Take that opportuniy to KILL EM ALL!


    The rooftop of this specific house. Have some good eye because they come from everywhere. You can easly camp alone, but, as I always say, more you are, more chance you have! Find a way to jump on this rooftop and camp, They are forced to jump, that's why it's a good spot!

    The Lamps

    If you have good jump skill, you'll be able to jump on the lamp. I recommand the one on the right (on the pic) because it's REALLY hard to get there (both Soldier and Mutants). But you see the little rooftop on the right? mutant can jump from there and get you on the lamp. Stay in the middle and you'll be ok. If you're two. Jump on your teammate's head. They will try to boost, just shoot them, but keep your eye on everything!
    [b][color=#F88017]The Stronghold! (Temp image)

    Small base, huge territory! You'll mainly camp outside the base. The inside is better for hiding, there's few spot you can hide. But don't worry, there's 3 spots very helpful! Let's take a look!

    Supply Boxes

    I really like this spot, you can hold if you keep an eye on every side. If you need to get away, just jump on another box and camp. But watch out, mutants can also jump from another box or from the platform connected to the base. It's maybe not the best spot in the world of Mutation Mode, but atleast, give it a try!

    The Wall

    You REALLY need Machine Gun for this spot, because mutants will rush hard. Stay at the very end of the wall, doesn't matter which side. As long as you stick with your teammates, of course. Another way, you can try to push them when they try to climb the boxes. it should works too!

    Side of the base

    Probably the best spot of the map. But there's many way to counter it. The first thing to do, don't block the window like a noob. Stay away from the window by camping on these blue things on the side.

    Mutants counter attacks:They past by the window, if a mutant do that, stuck him on the blue thing until he die, XD
    They boost from under, shoot them if they do that but keep your eye on the window!
    They jump from the platform, even if it's not easy to do, it's possible. You don't see it in the pic, but it's on the left.

    The Hallway

    You need alot of people, because there's alot of space. Means that mutants can easily doge your bullets. Mutants will sometimes recover or just camp on the platform, be ready because they can rush from there. If you have to escape, jump outside the window and go inside the window right under. But if you manage to tank the mutants, you won't need to escape, :3

    The platform

    It's one of the hardest spot to camp on. Why? Not much space between you in the door. If you all stay on the edge, you might be able to hold them but always watch the door. Obviously, you won't survive if you're only 2. You need as much people as possible, like your clan. I don't guarantee it will works, but if we don't give a try, how we'll know,

    The Gate

    Not an easy one too, but works well if nobody stand near the gate. Stay beside the metallic door on the left and shoot the gate when mutants come. Of course, maiden can boost on mutants head to get on the wall, always check everywhere. If it gets out of control, jump on the box and camp on the long wall. You must also understand that both door don't face each other, so mutants have a little advantage on that one. But it might work,

    Be sure to check everything and you will tank the mutants for a while!
    By Simrock007
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    I spend my time, so please pay a little bit of your time to keep world in equilibrium

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