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    So here I am, a somewhat experienced CrossFire player, writing a guide at 12:30 AM. Although there have been many other M4A1 guides, I want to make this really unique. Let me first put emphasis on the fact that I, myself, will not be suggesting the "one-rule-fits-all" method on readers.

    Furthermore, I assure you that there is not only one way to play this game. I have heard many players talk about what sensitivity they use, what crosshair, what color, etc. And it all comes down to preference. Some players are more comfortable and therefore increase their performance when using high sensitivity, while others prefer medium or low sensitivity. This is why for the sake of consistency, I will not be talking about crosshairs / crosshair colors, but will be putting emphasis on the sensitivity for good causes.

    In conclusion to my introduction, I would like to say thank you for clicking this guide, and I hope it will somehow improve your performance with the M4A1 whether in a pub or a scrim. Not only do I believe this can help you, but it can also help drastically change the way you play this game. The real guide starts now.

    {Summary of the rifle's best features}
    The M4A1 rifle (the original 43000 GP one) by far, is one of the most stable, accurate, and fast-ROF guns in the entire game. Although many users prefer ZP guns such as M4A1-Adv, Crystal, Custom, or Silver, this guide can apply for any type of M4A1 except the custom and I will explain later why.

    First off, the accuracy of the gun should be used accordingly. It is important when playing any match, that your gun is perhaps one of the most accurate out of the room. If you disregard this fact, and simply spray down enemies in ANY situation, chances are, you're going to have a hard time in competitive pubs / scrims. Therefore - because it is so accurate, it will signify as your trump card in matches to come.

    [SCENARIO 1]
    I'm defending B-Long on Black List side on the map, Eagle Eyes. I'm either below at BL spawn or above behind the two boxes on the ledge. At this point, the GR team has two vulnerable factors: Either I will peek once every 1-2 seconds and try to lower their HP, OR: I will place the crosshair on the window, and make sure their snipers cannot pick off my teammates. And if I find they're rushing below the window, I can peek in for cover, and peek out when necessary. This strategy not only requires you to stand still when you burst / tap, but it also needs some helpful strafing which will be explained later on.

    Basic point: Strafing, bursting, tapping are all situational not only in terms of distances, but also the location of the map. Also keep in mind of the M4A1's "T" pattern spray, even when bursting. The bursts when shot consecutively without waiting for the recoil to completely disappear will create a "T" burst pattern.

    M4A1's tips and tricks are very situational. You just can't use them all the time in almost every situation. Like they say; "It all depends." Therefore, playing passively will want you to burst and strafe effectively, whereas rushing or simply searching around for the bomb, etc. will vary on bursting / spraying / tapping + strafing / jumping / walking on not only the distance but the positioning of you and the enemy player.

    Do not be scared of people that may shoot you, but instead, "keep your eyes on the prize." Make sure that the sway of the M4A1 does not make you panic, but instead, fix your spray / burst pattern before it all goes wrong. Not only does this help one keep control of where most of his / her bullets are travelling, but it can also help aim a lot faster towards the headshot or the chest.

    [SCENARIO 2]
    If you're rushing mid whether from BL or GR in Eagle Eyes, you want to have the first 1-2 kills from unaware players using strafing / aiming for the head directly. As soon as their teammates have realized you are there, simply fall back to your side of the map and play passively (defend without blindly rushing in, defensive, patient, slow and steady) or go all-out spray mode.

    Basic point: Because M4A1's tricks and tips are very situational, so should your sensitivity. (Again, this is my opinion, so you may not completely agree) Based on scenario 2, I will encounter heavy close-quarters battle from rushing mid, where most of their players camp for about 30 seconds. I turn up my sensitivity when they realize I'm there, which allows me to effectively to shoot down surprise attackers, jumping M-12 shooters, etc. Then again, I do not want my sensitivity too high to the point where it is uncontrollable. Everything should be done in moderation.

    {Strafing and burst-tap-spray control}
    Strafing is one of your best weapons. When strafing, almost imagine you're actually in that firefight. Assume that even normal movement may hinder the accuracy of your shots after your first 1-2 bullets. Therefore, it's efficient not only ammunition-wise (so you can save ammo; not have to reload too frequently) but also in terms of accuracy.

    [SCENARIO 3]
    If I am consistently missing my shots one day, I will stop playing matches and practice in a room for about 10 minutes. My practice usually consists of proper recoil control not just from spraying, but from bursting and EVEN tapping. I also constantly remind myself not to pull the trigger until most of my body movements have stopped. Not only will the crosshair move back into its original position quite fast, but it can allow you to shoot in a controlled manner. This is why when you spectate players such as Malte using the AK-47 in a Black Widow pub, you will notice he strafes in a uniform and efficient way so as not to reduce too much accuracy of the gun. So the sequence would be represented as: (Shoot, Strafe Stop, Shoot)

    Don't just move left and right. Don't always assume that when you fight an enemy player, that you will successfully strafe while landing shots on him. That is why you can either strafe in small steps or large steps. Do not try to overthink your abilities to land a headshot, (don't always go for headshots, if you miss, chances are, you're going to die) but at the same time, make sure if the opportunity is given, always take it. "Four bullets is not as efficient as 1 bullet."

    This is one of the most important sections of any gun. Keep that in mind. In range, you must ALWAYS use estimation as to how much bullets you think you have hit and how much more. In scrims, this is very important, because not only will you encounter firefights across many types of distances, but it can also relate to the positioning as mentioned earlier. This is where common sense plays in.

    -Short Range-
    Simple enough. If your crosshair is placed in a way such that their head will somehow cross over it, just burst. If you are rushing or they are in close proximity to your character, spray in an efficient and effective manner. If your bullets are missing, you'll want to burst 5-6 shots. You should also keep in mind that the average M4A1's spray pattern looks like a T. Make sure that you pull down according to the timing. First, the bullets start at the bottom of the straight line of the T. It'll move up and suddenly jerk somewhat diagonally leftwards to the left line of the T, then will move horizontally right to the right side of the T. Ballpark the estimation required to time your spray control directions and use it to your advantage, which of course, helps to fight those M-12 users you've been wanting to get revenge on.

    -Mid Range-
    This T pattern still applies to bursts when the recoil hasn't had enough time to cool down. Therefore in mid-range combat, burst in 2-3 or even sometimes 4 shots while properly strafing as mentioned above. Location really matters here. If you're at a higher spot, chances are, it's much more easier to get your head blown off from another M4 user, because your head and chest is quite more easy to aim at. (from my experiences, anyway)
    If you're lower, you'd want to aim for the head of the enemy who is above you.

    -Long Range-
    Headshots and chest shots. Two terms. Do not hit the waist below, or you're simply wasting your time. Although the M4 is accurate, wasting too much time allows you to be open to flanks, snipers, etc. This is why 1-2 shot taps are recommended, while strafing in large-small steps in combination. (longright-shortleft-shortright-longleft is a good strafing
    combination which allows a sniper to potentially miss his shots, or a rifle user which will have to reposition his crosshair)

    Basic point: Practice with friends and clan. Strive to be better. If someone calls you a tryhard, say "TYVM" and move on.

    {Pros and Cons Explained}
    The pros:
    It's very accurate. No reason as to why it is not. Custom is more accurate and therefore shouldn't be mentioned in this guide. Second, because it's accurate, play relaxed but not lazy. Especially in a scrim when you know you gotta clutch that 1v4, playing too serious will cause you to overthink in almost everything you do. (recoil control, strafing, burst control, etc) Instead, play without panic. Play without fear. If you're in that clutch situation, make sure you check your back. The pros of any gun come with the player's common sense.

    The cons:
    It's very weak. If the enemy is standing still, try to go for the headshot. 4 shots does take very long especially if you're at shooting over a long distance or if the target is behind boxes. Not only is it very weak, but it also increases in recoil after about a 5-round burst. Even controlled, it is still very difficult to properly estimate the spray pattern changes during battle.

    {Common Sense}
    Common sense should come with every gun. If you know that you have 4 bullets left and the enemy is going to kill you, do not reload. Get your secondary. If someone is above you, do not be provoked as to try to kill them blindly in the open. Think calmly, restrict where you know enemies won't come out of.

    [SCENARIO 4]
    Sometimes, I find that an unexperienced player with *no offense intended* no common sense just checks a place that has already been checked. Once, I was playing Black Widow SnD on GR side. Me and another random player were the only ones left, facing off against two BL players. I checked A window staircase, only to realize that my so called "partner" wastes 30 seconds checking the same place I did. Case in point? Think smart.

    by Globally3D
    Please, post your questions on forum, not by PM or mail

    I spend my time, so please pay a little bit of your time to keep world in equilibrium

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