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    Another Pushtechnique [less DC's]

    I found some years ago a Pushtechnique with less DC's:

    1. You need a wall that you want to go through.
    2. You need a partner for helping.
    3. You and your partner have to stand directly at the wall with space to each other.
    4. Move together but do not lose the connection to the wall.
    5. You and your partner have to stand now at the same point beside the wall.
    6. Your partner moves a bit from you away (in a 90 degree angle to the wall) and jumps.
    7. Your partner should stay in the air.
    8. You have to jump very fast and should move into the wall.
    9. Repeat 3.-8. until your are complete in the wall.

    (I want to post a video but somehow it is not possible.. )

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