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    Fortress TD, Cairo Glitches


    The first glitch going into wall is
    1. Get to corner
    2. The Crosshair has to be in the corner
    3. Jump
    4. CTRL+ W + S
    5. And then just go in

    In Second Glitch going into door
    1. Get a friend to help
    2. Get to door
    3. Move A+D verry quik
    4. Wile ur friend is pushing u from behind

    And all other is going inbox just do the same of first glitch and other is going into wall

    Fortress TD

    Also to do corner glitch,
    Look down at corner, crouch and jump 2 times then tap W and S or A and D rapidly till u fall down a lil. Then, simply move toward the box and crouch.

    To get on top of a high box, hold down W + S and press space + ctrl everyone 1 sec. Also, face perpendicular to the box
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