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    How to be a pro sniper in CoD: 4 Mw1

    So, your wandering around with a sniper; thinking "What the hell do I do with this?" Your trying to fire it like an Assault Rifle. But what you dont realise is that your doing nothing. Thats where my tutorial comes in...

    1. Get familiar with the map. There's no point running around searching for that needed spot on the top of a dustbin, while in mid-match. So start a private match by yourself, or with a friend and just get familiar with the map.

    2. Try to find area's that overlook a key spot; Example: Hide in the building above the enemy flag when in domination mode. Or if on deathmatch, hide somewhere overlooking the centre of the map, where people are always running about like headless chickens - Thats the place .

    3.(Skip to part 4 if you dont have claymore's!) Find some doorways or archways where people run in and out, then plant some claymores. Tip: Dont plant them facing straight outside, put them on a corner, so your enemy cant see them when they run it, before its too late...

    Quickscoping: Get the enemy in the middle of the crosshairs (white lines on centre of screen). Now, zoom in to sights and zoom straight back out, firing whilst you do so. First, it gives a confirmed death. Secondly, it looks epic on killcam

    Dodging: See an enemy sniper? Dont worry, as soon as you think he'll fire; press your A/Space button 3 times. If he didnt hit you, then you've successfully dodged.

    No-Scoping: If in close combat and you only have a sniper, no-scope. This is like Quickscoping, but harder. Instead of zooming in your sights and zooming straight back out, you fire with them in the middle of the crosshairs and then go prone.

    Thank You For Reading My Tutorial On Sniping, And I Hope It Helped.

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