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    Cabal No entry hack tool. Method

    • Bypass (All the bypass are stickies in the release section (this section))
    • Cheat Engine (CE 6.2 should work, I still use 6.1)

    Download the attachments. Your .exe has to be named fixedmain.exe (instead of cabalmain.exe)

    All other versions (or people who want to train their ''Cheat Engine Skills'')
    You need to find these 2 addresses (Move address & Challenge window address), the Memory Range used here are the once from EU, but in other versions they should be similar, if not try to make the range bigger.

    Challenge window address
    1. Get 1 Entry item (doesn't matter which one) & enter that dungeon
    2. Put ''Memory Scan Options'' from 17000000 to 18000000
    3. Enter dungeon but do NOT press on ''challenge''
    4. Scan for ''1''
    5. Now press ''EXIT''
    6. Once you are out, search for ''0''
    7. Repeat Step 3 - 6 untill you have around 30 addresses (put them all in the bottom part of Cheat Engine, so you can edit their value)
    8. Enter Dungeon (do NOT press ''challenge'', now start editing the value of each address one by one, from 1 to 0, untill you find the address that ''hides'' the Challenge Window.
    9. If you have it, delete all the other address you don't need and proceed to step 10

    Move address
    • Put ''Memory Scan Options'' from 06000000 to 07000000
    • Enter the dungeon and put the ''Challenge window value'' on ''0''
    • Scan for ''1''
    • Now press ''EXIT''
    • Once you are out, search for ''0''
    • Repeat Step 11 - 14 untill you have around 10 or less addresses (put them all in the bottom part of Cheat Engine, so you can edit their value)
    • Enter Dungeon and Hide the Challenge window again, now start editing the value of each address one by one, from 1 to 0, everytime you changed 1, try if you can move (W A S D buttons).
    • If you have it, delete all other address you don't need and proceed to step 18

    Do the trick!
    • Enter dungeon, do NOT press ''challenge'' yet!
    • Put both values to ''0'' (hide window + enable move)
    • The move address enables you to open the Inventory as well, press I to open inventory.
    • Place the Entry item from 1 spot to another spot (from left corner to right corner or from first page to second page)
    • Make both values ''1'' again, now press ''challenge''
    • You will Disconnect, just log-in again and you will be able to enter the dungeon + you still have your entry item

    History of No Entry Hack (click on the underlined text to see that the dates are correct)


    Handful of people know it: Perfect, they have a big advantage.
    Some leechers get their hands on it: Good, as long as a few leechers have it, but don't try to get credit or sell it, no problem.
    Some greedy people get their hands on it: BAD, not only is it wrong to get money from stuff that isn't yours, but this also distributes the hack which end up in more greedy people having it, trying to get some profit and eventualy gets someone mad enough to release it in public, just to prevent those Greedy people to get money.


    Please register or login to download attachments.

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    lol copy paste

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    Quote Originally Posted by genesisVI View Post
    lol copy paste
    and so what? besides others we always ask our members to preserve credits and links to the original threads.

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