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    Well, I came here to explain that serves those nuclei arcane and slots in devices ^ ^
    In the first place, so you can improve you need a few things:

    A slot-machine with course for newbies slot is that space and black square that sits on your equipment, another tip is to have slot indentificar see is the item name if the name is in blue, congratulations you have equipment with a slot ^ ^
    -You need a blue core (nucleus arcana)
    Alz-Need to pay the fee for the npc
    -A catalyst is not necessary, but it is always good to have a ^ ^. Later on I explain what a catalyst!

    But what I get tweaking my equipment?
    Filling the slot of your equipment with core arcane, you can gain several things, for example:
    You have a kimono with Aramid slot and want more hp. You arrange a nuclelo arcane, Alz and more a catalyst (for HP is a helmet) and if it works, your device gives 50 more hp!

    50 hp?! That's not much!
    It may seem little, but 50 hp makes a damn difference

    The catalyst defines what will come out of the slot in your equipment, the catalyst is a slot machine but also with a class equal or below the equipment you'll put option (fill the slot).
    The classes are these armors
    Heavy armor (Arcane Warrior and Guardian)
    Armor => Enhanced Armor => Armor Steel => Armor Darksteel => Armor celestite => Armor Titanium => Osmium Armor => Armor Guard => Mithril Armor
    Costumes Battle (Force Archer and Force Blader)
    Costume => = Reinforced Costume> Costume Silk => Costume Aramid => Costume celestite => Costume Titanium => Costume OS => Costume Shield => Costume Mithril
    Kimonos Martial (Dueslita and Mage)
    Kimono Marcial => Kimono Martial Reinforced => Martial Silk Kimono => Kimono Martial Aramid => Kimono Martial celestite => Kimono Martial Titanium => Kimono Martial OS => Kimono Martial Protector => Kimono Martial Mithril
    Weapons are equal to the armor, but adds another class between Titanium and Osmium, which is the class Titanium black ^ ^
    These are the classes of the armors in order; D
    Each piece of equipment is set out one option in improved equipment, I'll put a list here.
    Helmos = HP
    Pectorals = Defense
    Gloves = Accuracy
    Shoes = Evasion
    Orbs / Crystals = Magic
    Weapons 1 hand = Attack
    Weapons of 2 hands = Damage critics
    Let me illustrate ^ ^
    Let's say I have a costume slot with osmium and HP want to put in it! I caught a core arcane, caught my costume and grab a helmet from a class level below that in the case of osmium or titanium would be the same class as the costume, which would also osmium. So I'll alchemist in the nucleus and do my improvement! Okay, now I have a costume with osmium +50 HP ^ ^
    Now I have a display with slot Osmium and critics want to put damage on him! Caught the core again, the display and a two-handed weapon (Daikatana or Amount) equal class (Osmium) or lower (Titanium Black) and will complete the alchemist and the improvement! Now I have a display with Osmium critical damage \ o /

    A cool thing is that you can try your luck with more powerful enhancements using two cores arcane, but the low and middle chanche is not used catalyst.
    You can also use cores to improve low, medium and high to increase the chance of improving their slot goes well ^ ^

    Well .. if I forgot something, let me know! Tutorialzinho This is more to give an idea! Good luck to you! \ O /

    Credits: NaumCabal

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