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    rate Review

    Before you start reading, let it clear that this article requires a bit more knowledge about the game. I tried to explain everything the best, simplest and easiest, but still remains a difficult subject to understand. So to beginners in the game, you probably have a hard time to understand everything that is written here. And the more experienced players, have fun! = D

    Critical Rate (Ultimatum)
    Ay! I decided to create an article with a subject that is almost as controversial as the nipples, which is the Critical Rate. Throughout the history of the Cabal created an image that is not quite correct that we have on the rate. And, unfortunately, is much easier to accept what is said than to question and rethink the whole concept. Then try to show in this article which the vision that I believe is the correct rate on Criticism. I'll talk a bit about Max Rate Debuffs and again, because I believe that here I will be expressing myself better and more clearly.

    1) Rate Review
    First of all, forget everything you already talked to you about Critical Rate. Try opening your mind to a new vision of this attribute, as when you first discovered what it was.
    I always wondered why it was so difficult to achieve rate. Do not understand why the rate was always half in crafts (32% ~ 16% Critical Damage Rate Critique, for example), I wondered why the damage natural char is 20% and that only 5%. Why was not the half also? Why do we dropped items is much easier than coming critical damage rate? And why the craft is much easier to come rate than harm? Why rate is the attribute that counts the most points in VírusGaming? After answering these questions, I came to the conclusion that rate is the best attribute for a char.
    Try to understand me:
    When you go and lose a PvP was why do not you critou critou few or no skills at the opponent or your opponent critou more skills in you. When you win, the situation is reversed, critou more skills you or your opponent critou no or few skills. Now, allowing you critasse many skills? Its Critical Rate.
    When you go on a boss, and leaves very little missing HP to kill, you say that it lacked critics. But realize you do not say it lacked damage, but missed rate, that is, when you say you missed hits is because he lacked critados critar fee for more. Perhaps someone with less damage and has killed over charge it and you do not.
    Anyway, leaving aside the examples, the Rate Review is an attribute that allows your character to the greatest possible damage on a target, which is the Critical Damage. The critical damage is influenced by many other variables, such as Amp, Damage, Attack and Defense of the target, for example. But no Rate Review, you'll never get to a critical hit. Not much use having Damage / Amp / Attack and not nearly rate to enable the critical damage is done.
    I often see people saying that they do not need to charge, because when they call they get Aura full fee. In fact, they are, unless the rings exchange rate by critics (and believe me, this is more common than you think). They bind when Aura, always say: "Our scribed all, look what a beautiful thing." My question to these people is, why critar it is only when the Aura? Outside that, today, Aura is used in a few places the game.
    Unfortunately, the Review fee to be an attribute "not fixed", ie they only see the big difference in the amount of hits critados when there is a wide variation in the rate (try playing a char with 30% rate note the amount of critics, then throw in a char with 50% rate and notice the difference), people end up ignoring the attribute, which is a big mistake. The game itself depends on the damage critado. Nobody kills a boss, or a player completes a dungeon only base damage. I'm not saying it's impossible, but it would take much, MUCH longer than the char critasse.
    But if critar is so fundamental so, why do people keep ignoring the rate? Simple, because it is a variable not fixed as I had said. When you add 1% or Amp Damage, you can see the difference in your damage. But when you add 1% fee, you can not see the difference, and this leads to some talk that rate is just simply "lucky."
    In fact, a char with 55% rate, can go a PvP and a 7-critar skills. A char with 30% rate may be a PvP and critar 5 of 7 skills. But pay attention to one detail: it really can happen, but keep an eye on how often it occurs, and you will realize that the situation mentioned above will fit within "exceptions." Go a few times on a boss with a 30% rate and then go to 50%, even though you have to take some part that adds damage critical to achieve the 50%, and notice the difference.
    Before you continue showing accounts, you must first understand what we compare. The calculator that I use is very simple, here is a screenshot of the look of it:

    Here we highlight two parts:
    What is Gray is the place where they are placed on the attributes of Char.
    What is Light yellow is where the damages are shown for each foiçada.
    Now, let's part of it for our calculations are the main parts, the parts that are highlighted with red rectangle highlighting:
    Crit Damage (Critical Damage)
    Crit Rate (Annual Review)
    Average DPS the 2nd foiçada
    The test that we do is simple, we will take a char GU (obvious), full buffs soils of the class, BM2 + Aura, always beating on the same target. Hence, we simulate changes in the Critical Damage and Rate Review, so we can observe how the Average DPS will behave. When the Average DPS increases, means that the average damage per second increased the char, and when it decreases, it means that the average damage of the char decreased.
    Showing now on a calculator that difference that makes an account called "Average DPS", which is a kind of damage per second, considering the time of each foiçada in 0.7 seconds to calculate that it takes into account all the attributes of the + char target's defense, and the brandishing included (+21% tax):
    (All calculated hitting the Pen and debuffado)
    (All statements of addition and reduction of status are compared with the 1st and note image only for the 2nd foiçada for easier comparison)

    The picture shows my 01 char with only BM status and hitting the plume waving with:

    02 The picture shows me adding 15% damage and taking 15% rate, note that the same ratio as the critical damage increases my DPS drops by decreasing the critados hits:

    The picture shows me adding a 03% Damage and taking a 1% fee, notice how the DPS also drops:

    04 The picture shows me adding 10% damage and taking 5% rate, realize now how WELL the decrease was lower in DPS, and ranged critical bit too well:

    With these statements, I can say that 10% damage and 5% rate was roughly equivalent. The lower your rate if you make the same comparison (10% ~ 5% damage rate), the greater the difference in DPS. See this hypothetical situation where a char has 190 damage and 10 fee, for demonstration purposes only:

    The image 05 shows the status of the char:

    06 The picture shows me adding 10% damage and taking 5% rate note DPS:

    07 The picture shows me taking 10% damage and adding 5% rate, note the DPS:

    Realized, the lower your rate is, the more tax you add the higher your DPS, even if it means decreasing the critical damage.
    Answering the questions now raised at the beginning with a single answer: the best attribute of the game has to be one of the most difficult to obtain. Drop, anyone can go in the dungeon and drop the item, since crafting is much more difficult and requires time and money for that.

    2) Max Rate and Debuffs
    I know I've talked about this, but I do not forward the idea of ​​how I wanted. Try to be more concise and now. The idea is simple: the more you rate at the time of the debuff, the more you will critar (HERP DERP, THANKS CAPTAIN OBVIOUS). But then, since you know that more rate more critical, why insist on changing the fee for items damaged, reducing its rate?
    There is no official explanation on how the loss of strength and damage rate. But a simple test can shed some light on this subject. Take your swinging, go to a mob, use it, and note your critical damage. Then remove their rings of luck (use 2 ring of luck +1 and 2 +2 rocs for the first part of the test) and add 2 +2 rocs (thus adding 30% damage to the character), the same skills and criteria the mob without swinging. You will notice that the damage will be the same. It is understood then that functioned as wielding two rocs +2 If you added your char. So by logical deduction means that if the same happens with the rate, but with one small difference.
    The attribute Max rate works to increase the natural limit of 50% rate of char. A char that has Max Rate, can reach up to 50% rate. Already a char with 5% max rate may reach 55% rate. Note that the rate is limited, depending on the max rate, and that's where the difference comes. Let's take a simple example: when you use a technique called "buff", you are strengthening your character, as a Soul Blade does, giving him 74 attack. Have what characterizes a technique called "Debuff" is exactly the opposite of "buff". The "Debuff" weaken rather than strengthen, and targets the opponent, unlike the "buff" that targets your own char.
    Now, let's to business. Since the target's debuff is the opponent and not your character, the debuff your character does not gain those attributes, but it makes the opponent weaken and lose those attributes. If the opponent is losing attributes when you take charge of your items to add items to damage with the simple excuse that "ta debuffado scribed it," you are decreasing your rate and consequently decreasing their critical sequence. And, as already shown, this may end up lowering your DPS.

    Let's do some numbers ...
    Suppose two chars (both 180) equips with the following:
    Less equipped:
    Weapon +9 OS 80%
    Elmo 36%
    Merga / Rol +1 / +4 Winner / Roc +2 x3
    Full amp (21% of the set)
    Drag +6 /-K red / +5 Pain
    Bracers +3 [1]
    The status without bm / overs are 1021 attack, 45 Amp, 166% Damage and 38% rate.

    With bm + aura + overs hitting the feather (debuffado) looks like this: 1622 Attack, Damage 201% and 52% rate (1 Winner removing and adding a Roc +4 +2). See the Calculator:

    Notice now what happens with the DPS to take a Rol and add 1 +1 +2 Roc, and thus have 216% Damage and 43% rate.

    Let's now over a set top:
    OSR 80 +15 Weapon
    Elmo 40/7
    Merga / Rol +2 / +2 x4 Roc
    Full amp (21% of the set)
    Drag +7 / K-red / +6 Pain
    Bracers +3 [1]
    The statuses are as follows: 1141 Attack, 46 Amp, 190% Damage and 45% rate.

    With bm + aura + overs in the plume is debuffado 1742 attack, 225% Damage and 50% rate (with Rocs 3 +2).

    Now see what happens by adding the 4 +2 Roc, adding 15% damage and making the Merga (15% rate):

    Remember, the Brandish was active.
    My tip is that even with debuffs, try to keep its rate by 50% or more.

    To help in understanding how the debuff works, I recommend reading the article n ° 16 (x Debuff Luck Ring Ring x x Max Critical Rate) of this tutorial right here in this area:

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Thanks, anyone see any errors please report to which it is fixed, and thanks to all.
    ~> Like it? To and enjoy! : D

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