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Thread: Cabal Archers

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    Cabal Archers

    As the topic of the set was somewhat outdated, I did this.

    -Gain Status as a point of Attributes:
    Every 10 points in Strength give you:
    [Indent] second attack
    0 of magic
    1:25 defense
    4 precision
    An evasion [/ indent]
    Every 10 points in Intelligence give you
    [Indent] an attack
    3 magic
    A Defense
    4 precision
    1.5 of evasion [/ indent]
    Every 10 points in Dexterity give you:
    [Indent] 1.2 attack
    Magic 2.5
    1.25 Defense
    5.17 precision
    10 dropout [/ indent]

    Gain Status by Degree Class:
    Each quest Grade Class gives you:
    5 attack
    6 magic
    5 defense
    8 precision
    7 of evasion

    With that in hand, can we get a general idea of ​​building character. This will be discussed later on.
    Recalling that all the characters have 20% critical damage and 5% critical rate, the rate limit and 50% to pass the limit and needed to win Max Rate Critica.Arqueiros arcane bonus of 11% critical rate (if astral bow is mithril)

    Why create an Arcane Archer?
    "Why should I create an Archer? Would not it be better to make a Mage once, since most hits?"
    If you think so, certainly a magician will serve you better. Force Archer is a class that differs markedly from the Magi, despite having similar features. The Archers have to get that aspect of Suporter, unlike Mage Damage Dealer that is a natural. The cure makes us extremely useful in bosses, dungeons and parties up to. We also have more independence than Mages, for healing and because of our combo stun Tues distance high, unlike the combo of the Magi.

    To summarize briefly: If you just want to hit and damage high, do Mago. If you enjoy playing as a team, being the person who holds everyone alive and having to use your head before going out attacking, Force Archer is a good choice.

    When creating your bowman, you have to keep in mind that your responsibility will be charged, like it or not, take out the archers in the group with their hands to ensure their survival.

    Balance of the Class
    Well, for what has been said, can you point out some strengths and weaknesses of the class.
    [Indent] up in Autonomy.
    Extended reach of the game.
    Ease of finding party.
    Stunlock distance.
    Major varieties of buff in the game.
    Good potential for CRA-ticos. [/ Indent]
    [Indent] defense and evasion medians.
    Need to grade 15 class to build the various buffs.
    Lack of skills with massive damage.
    Healing nerfada in TG [/ indent]

    Well, here I will comment much on equipment as on attributes, because one thing is connected to another.

    The start, attributes the Cabal is one thing Flexible, at least so far. So do not think that just because you will do a build with attributes to use X +7 equip you already have all the attributes to be prepared. Go shaping as the equipment you have so far.

    Point 1: Int or Dex?
    rqueiros has two paths to follow, although many people believe that there is only one. Intelligence gives you a magic damage greater than Dexterity, but on the other hand, gives you less defense and evasion. As his style of play, see what suits you and focus on it as its main attribute. The two attributes â € œcoadjuvantes?  € œ will be the only requirement to use the equipment, while the primary will all their stat points remaining.

    Point 2: Equipment
    [Area under construction]
    Something I find interesting to keep in mind is that of a sudden, you can get a raràssimo equipment. So it's good to be prepared for sudden changes in attributes with Potions Extraction.
    Initially, equipment that would be interesting to be based on target and to focus on the â € œ â € œfinal? the build would be:

    Osmium suit [2] +9, which asks:
    [Indent] For: 113
    Dex:? [/ Indent]
    Quimonio of Osmium [2] +9, which asks:
    [Indent] For: 68
    Dex: 136 [/ indent]
    Costume Titanium [2] +9, which asks:
    [Indent] For: 85
    Dex: 165 [/ indent]
    Mithril Orb [1] +8, who asks:
    [Indent] For: 68
    Int: 554
    Dex: 136 [/ indent]
    Mithril Crystal [1] +8, who asks:
    [Indent] For: 136
    Int: 408
    Dex: 204 [/ indent]

    Something interesting to discuss are the enhancements in the slot equips. Ina-cio, the HP Coturno and Costume. So you increase your survival.
    Socratics damage to your display in order to increase their potential for harm.
    The glove has nothing caracteràstico that is so easily accessible. Perhaps Defense or evasion, according to taste.
    Later on, the ideal is to focus on getting Costume, Sleeve and Coturno with Amp. Magic, Fee / Damage Socratics in weapons and display.
    Details Mithril weapons purchases, which are interesting with Amp. Magic in the Magic slot high base. But the display does not have much to flee the Fatal. Fatal crafted a good display will be your companion for a long time.

    Point 3: Jewelry
    Here there are a lot of versatility. Rings of Fortune cratic and are good, each in its proper situation. Bracelets of Sage and Extortion, remembering that these require a high degree of honor to be used. Tough and Earrings Vampàricos, using the comment of honor like the bracelets. Amulets Tough, the Fighter, Vampàrico and pain can be useful, depending on the situation. Epaulettes, obviously wise to attack and Guardian in different situations where you're not as Damage Dealer and will focus more on survival.

    Technical enhancements
    Doma-nio Vitality
    That and almost mandatory, the additional horsepower will save you many times.
    Control arcane
    Additional Magica, get as fast as possible.
    Instinctual defense
    Additional defense
    Amplification arcane
    The improved version control arcane essential
    Absorption of damage
    Increases defense.
    Sixth Sense
    this slot will be left, leave it for last.

    Attack Techniques
    Ignatius have projectiles, shots and bursts. Picking up as you go opening, giving preference always purchases the strongest, but paying attention to the cooling time can combo forever peacefully with the techniques you have at the moment. Spears and guns are interesting, even and especially in high Levels, where his magic has a good effect when they are in Levels 18 ~ 20. The best spears are Earth and Fire, while guns are Stone, Fire and Lightning.

    Shooting CRA-tico
    First skill that deserves special mention. Maximized it gives you 105% extra damage Socratics, beyond the 50% rate of natural skill. Although it may seem, it is not as affected by increase in Damages equips Socratics. Equips with Amp. Magic do a better job in increasing the damage of shooting cratic, since by increasing the base damage of the shooting down, the effect of 105% additional damage Socratics applies to a larger value. This is one of the best skills of the Archer, usable even in the higher Levels. In the future, be-ing in on her most.
    Explosive Shot:
    Another very useful skill, especially in the initial Levels. She can take down enemies as well as having an interesting area of ​​effect, then turns out to be great to control mobs or help you kill monsters a little stronger. After all, it is very fast. Navel something greater than 9 is not required here.
    Poisonous Bullet
    Very effective for PvM skill, especially in inacio game. Maximized it gives 67 damage every 2 seconds in the mobs it hits. Despite having a time Lance a little longer than the other skills, the damage it is high to compensate
    Shooting Dark
    This, in my opinion, is the best skill of the archers. Lance quick, good damage and knocks. There is not much to comment. Maximize it's almost an obligation.
    Shooting Drill
    Piercing Shot, despite having a high raw damage, is not widely used because it is very slow compared to other skills. ‰ preferàvel to use two guns, spending about the same time that this technique would spend dropping and causing more damage.
    Prismatic Burst
    As the skill above it is very slow compared to the rest and has no damage that outweighs the disadvantage. The highlight of this skill is the animation, which is pretty cool.
    Gravitational Distortion
    This skill is the differential of the Archers. It has a very good area of ​​effect, an interesting chance to stun the mobs hit and damage excelente.Alem that she has another strong point, it makes your character will automatically move away from the target.
    Shooting Star
    Another very interesting skill. It has a great chance to take down opponents, and the vast area it covers. Individually has an injury similar to the gravitational distortion, but the larger the number of enemies, the more damage is divided. It has its luster when used as a "finisher" on a PvP or to give massive damage to bosses. Level 20 would be ideal, since the function it is exactly the damage alto.O weak point of the star is the division of damage affected by the number of monsters.

    Edit By Haze: To calculate the damage to its star the last hit just multiply it by 3.33.

    Sonic Burst
    This skill is the damage a little larger than the Shooting Star, and bid menor.Essa technique causes stun the mob as distortion and does not divide the damage as the star

    Edit By Haze: To calculate the damage of your shot sonic just multiply it by the last hit 2.85.

    Technical Support
    Greater Cure
    This is the skill that differs Archers 'Magi with bows.' Excellent skill both for those who like to play alone or for those who like to play in groups. Should be maximized, without thinking twice. It will be your salvation (and your group) in many situations.
    Healing Mass
    Another type of cure. It affects everyone in your group who are in an area of ​​16 cells around you. Despite the cooling to be beefy, there are situations where cure many people will be very handy. Another skill that needs to be maximized without much thought.
    Debuff which reduces the accuracy of the target. Although not seem very helpful in some bosses. Or get in on 20-sible, or not.
    Lower Guard
    This debuff is fairly interesting. 29 Decreases target's defense for a few seconds when maximized. Great to take down bosses with high defense, and help a lot in PvP time to focus on damage to any target. As the debuff up in 20-sible or not.
    Remove Curse
    useful maps of wars and pk against AEs, do not let very high level

    Techniques of Enchantment
    Class: Strengthen the Body
    Buff base for all classes. Great in the lower Levels, where you help to survive more easily. Unless you're taking up space for other spells, keep it.
    Class: Strengthen Attack
    Skill that improves the accuracy of char.extremamente useful in low levels, with the long time you can use it along with the Blessing offensive and Vision Sharpened
    Armor repulsive
    Class: Strengthen Equipment
    A major class of pesticides buff. Increases your Evasion and can be used on other people. It helps a lot in groups, especially Mages, Warriors and Guardians.
    Maximize the fastest-ing can.
    Vision Sharpened
    Class: Strengthen the Body
    This buff is almost indispensable. In addition to increasing the precision increases its reach in one. Range debuffs, buffs, healing, attack skills, so ... Everything. Maximize, too.
    Because of the same nature as the Vital Power buff would interesting to alternate the use of both, depending on the situation, up to the lvl 140 to then be able to use both together.
    Concentration Energy
    Class: Strengthen Span-Rite
    This is the buff facing the onslaught of Archers. No need to comment much. ‰ also useful for the Wizards and Magic Guardians. Nà 20-sible as soon as possible.
    Vital Energy
    Class: Strengthen the Body
    Increases maximum HP. Importantàssimo, especially in the higher Levels, where mobs give considerable damage.
    Vital Blessing
    Class: Strengthen the Body
    This technique increases the HP regeneration, an enhanced version of its first buff, it is useful in tg and maps where you take too much damage.
    Resistance to Interference
    Class: Strengthen Span-Rite
    Buff that all basic classes earn. Increases resistance against drop, stunning and invested. Very useful, especially in war maps where you take all the skill to let lados.não navel too high.
    Arrow Trespassante
    Class: Strengthen Attack
    This was one of the buffs that caught my attention right away. 30% chance of overthrowing enemies, combined with spears, shooting dark, and even shooting stars give you a legal possibility of not being so dependent on the stunning Distortion in PvM, besides being very handy in PvP.
    Art of Healing
    Class: Strengthen Attack Normal
    Another great buff to win. Increases by 110% efficiency of Greater Heal and Mass Healing. With that, now everything is easier

    Class: Strengthen Attack
    This is the ultimate buff the archers. Cratic rate of 25% and 90% of additional damage Socratics for a few seconds. These seconds, enough to kill several players, a win xp or considerable damage to a boss at some absurdity. Interesting for all modes of play, provided that well-worn, as the character holds in place that enabled the technique. Knowing how to use this buff in place at the right time will be the difference between a good and an Archer Archer common.
    Offensive Blessing
    Class: Strengthen Attack Normal
    New group technique, super useful and increases the magic attack and accuracy of the archer and her navel grupo.Deixe 20 soon.

    Special Abilities
    Aura of Battle
    The Aura is a skill you can in 10 navel, to accomplish the quest to Increase Grade Class. ‰ an interesting skill to it increases your Magic, Defense Rate cratic and Additional Damage Socratics, so great for us, Archers.
    Battle Mode 1 - The Hunter
    Our Battle Mode 1 is very weak. Do not provide much advantage, besides having a caracteràstica known as Split Shot. It maximizes the area of ​​their skills, but reducing the damage of the same. It is not very advisable. ‰ obtained in the quest to Increase Level of Class 30 and the navel, to complete the quest Increase Grade Navel Class 40, can be used in conjunction with Battle Aura. The Shooting Star can not be used during the Battle Mode 1.
    Battle Mode 2 - The Sniper
    A great Battle Mode. By activating this ability, the character Normal Attack becomes a flurry of shots with guns who took the place of his Astral Bow. Each time you press the Normal Attack, 4 "damage" appear rising from the target, but only one attack. It is also possible to select two targets at once and can "shoot" on both, without loss of damage. Note that this only works with Normal Attack.
    This attack can be considered a normal skill throw with 0.7 seconds and 0.25 Amp.
    The Battle Mode 2 is obtained by performing the quest to Increase Level of Class 50 and the navel, to complete the quest Increase Grade Navel Class 60, can be used in conjunction with Battle Aura. A great combination.
    All techniques can be used normally during the Battle Mode 2.
    Lethal Shot
    Technical Exclusive Battle Mode 2. It can only be used while it is active. No damage is very slow and high in relation to other skills. It is not advisable to use it.

    Edit by Haze: Remember that the more SP you have, the bigger your damage in bm, remembering that every bar that you use has a loss of three attack / magic bar by sp.

    Edit By Haze: To calculate the damage to his BM2 just multiply it by the last hit 3.57.

    Final Thoughts
    After all this text, I managed to get at least some doubts about Archers. Anyway, any questions or anything that has not been clear, I can find here the same forum.

    Credits for information about the KillerMu Attack Normal Battle Mode 2.

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