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    64 driven asm and c mixed compilation

    In fact, there are even more simple:

    The first approach:
    Added directly in the source file:
    AMD64_SOURCES = amd64 \ asm.asm # This is the 64's, 32's can be changed I386_SOURCES
    But there would not have joined asm.asm SOURCES up.

    The second approach:
    Create a project directory folder named amd64, which placed compilation of documents,
    Then added directly inside the assembler source file.

    If the following conditions:
    1> d: \ winddk \ work \ c \ amd64 \ asm.asm (1): error A2039: line too long
    1> d: \ winddk \ work \ c \ amd64 \ asm.asm (1): error A2088: END directive required at end of file
    google it says is a version of ml.exe problems that may subsequently improved. The solution is:
    The system comes with Notepad to open the file, a look at the source code is only one line. Note: use other editing tools are good.
    Solution: In Notepad formatting code inside hand on ok!

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