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    GrandChase D3DBase

    These days I sought a basis for GrandChase ready made and not found there and decided to make a post you guys, it is very simple and does not contain the functions of hacks, but is ready to add la.Espero to be useful to all!


    *No need addresses for the hook
    *Easy to understand
    *No hook function Present
    *without Detours
    *Functional in almost all games


    *I noticed that the GC gave error when used the FullScreen and so I added the function of LoginStatus to strip it, it just checks if the user is logged
    *The AddCategory () will not be too cool with AddD3DItem (), use one or the other
    DIP = DrawIndexedPrimitive ()
    *The D3DMENUINFO was created in order to use AddD3DItem more easily




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