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    need some guide lines on how to learn c++

    long story short, i tried to learn c++ so many times never finished a whole book because i have a short term goal which is making any kind of 'packet based bot' for any online game these books just do not seem to serve my purpose, l find my self lost in the middle and so far way from my goal , i know some other programming languages but i use them for other type of programming , so what im looking for is some guide lines (what is after beginner phase) what things i need to learn ,what techniques i need to understand ,what approach should i follow in learning c++ in order to get to my short term goal in the lest time possible , please consider me a newbie and stupid while advice me , tell me what books should i read , explain it all in the simplest way

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    what do u need i think is.
    1. the goals
    2. some examples
    3. learn from the examples
    4. start to make your own.
    i think that's more easier than learn from zero

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