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    Question Bot with mouseclick in D3D window

    Hello guys. I'm here to ask for y'r help, especially the legend "Dwar"
    I'm writing the bot for Martial Empires/Seven Souls Russian Off server.
    1st problem its have GG...
    But i have my bot source on Autoit x64 and its work fine with read/write mem
    Posting keys like Send. (user32 lib is not available of GGuard).
    Any way its not a problem. Bot works. And can do things like targeting by tab or F button. Use skils Like 0-9, fx-f10 keys. Can rest, meditate, have ressurect func when die use jackpot when JP bar is full.
    But after all that things bot cant (i cant organize) do waypoints like WASD or mouse clicks.
    One peace of it comes from: > I cant find static adress of X camera coord or char rotation... X cam rotation address is dinamic and changed after reload game. Its address placed in wow64***.dll
    Second peace of it comes from: > I have x,y char coords.adress in static and cant read it.(like pointer(static) + offset) But i want teach my bot run like MOUSE click command inside the game.. Means sending some command to client, game client recognize it and move character to this pos like it clicked by user.

    Example: bot code ai:
    waypoint next pos: x .222. y333
    if charcurrent pos != waypoint next pos then
    Sending some func to game.exe with next waypoint coord like clients do it

    Maybe i'm so n00by or something wrong with my brain... but i cant find an possible func for it..
    Can u help me with this? Dwar?
    Thx in any kind of answer. GL.

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    Двар отлично понимает по русски . Опиши свой вопрос на оригинальном языке .Трудно разобраться в чём суть )
    Are you hackers ?...No, wee are russians!

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    Суть грубо говоря в следующем. Как научить бота отправлять команды клика мышкой по координатом в игровом мире... При наличии ГГ ))

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