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    Question Need Help Multi Patching Pointer

    I want write memory with multi patching pointer..
    when i inject my dll the game crash....

    whats wrong with my code??? wrong target ??
    this my code ...

    DWORD dwI3EXEC =(DWORD)GetModuleHandleA("PointBlank.i3Exec");
    if (dwI3EXEC!=0)
    DWORD BaseDMGK = (DWORD)dwI3EXEC+0x12345; //base adres
    DWORD Ptr0 = *(DWORD*)(BaseDMGK);
    DWORD Ptr1 = (DWORD)(Ptr0+0x124); //pointer 1
    DWORD Ptr2 = *(DWORD*)(Ptr1);
    DWORD Ptr3 = (DWORD)(Ptr2+0x512);//pointer 2
    DWORD Ptr4 = *(DWORD*)(Ptr3);
    DWORD Ptr5 = (DWORD)(Ptr2+0x440);//pointer 3

    WriteMemory(Ptr5,(void*)(PBYTE)"\xFF\xFF", 2);

    this the pointer PointBlank.i3Exec+12345 offset 124, 512, 440

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