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    Implementing some of Dwar's C++ hooking suggestions in C#

    First of all, thank you for hosting a site with lots of useful information. Secondly, thank you to Dwar and the other tutorial creators who has helped tons of people out there get better at programming and more specifically at creating bots for mmorpgs.

    First some brief context. I have created a bot in C# for FFXIV (game is irrelevant) that basically reads the game's memory, creates a new thread to refresh UI (following a version of the MVC principle) and then executes a series of key pushes to do various actions (it was surprisingly tricky compared to Java to do combined key pushes). I have also implemented a breadcrumb navigation system, but have yet to properly test it.

    (Before diving in, if you are reading this and are struggling with the above, please feel free to PM me. I am happy to answer any questions over email).

    Onto my question. The natural next step was to try to implement some proper dll injection / hooking, and as I was researching this I stumbled accross all of Dwar's fantastic guides. Now, most of these are written in C++, however, I saw another one of his posts where he basically said that he now prefers C#. If you are reading this Dwar, a couple of questions:

    1) Do you still write these hooking functions in C++ / ASM, or are you now using C# for that too?
    2) If you still use C++ for that, do you write them in a separate library and then use P/invoke to call them?
    3) Would you reccommend DLL hooking as the best way these days to execute commands in a modern MMORPG?

    I am sure I will come up with more questions later, but figured I would just get these down as a starting point.

    Thanks a million.

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