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    EpicBot for Runescape

    Hello people! Well, here I am bringing my first topic on RUNESCAPE!

    Well, first of all an explanation of EpicBot!

    "EpicBot is a tool for RuneScape type macro / bot that lets through scripts that are pre-programmed actions taken automaticamentes without the need for an operation performed by humans. This practice frees up hours that would be spent by you in skills training among other game. "

    Below will be showing the details and information!

    Details and information adcionais:
    Genre: Cheating for the game RuneScape category macro / bot (automated player).
    Title of the downloaded file: epicbot.exe
    Size installer / setup: 1.55 Mb
    Actual size to the computer: Approximately 4.5 Mb
    Date of last installer Sep
    Undetectable by Jagex Bot Nuke (October 25, 2011)?: [โœ”] Yes, undetectable.
    Undetectable Bay of Bots?: [โœ”] Yes, undetectable.
    Usage: Free / Freeware.

    Below information about Advantages of using it!

    Several scripts already included and installed.
    Handler Break (system breaks automatic).
    Automatically fulfills all Events Surprises (Random Events).
    All scripts have already included Bans Anti-taking actions 'disguise' as humans, avoiding bans.
    The EpicBot is the bot that is updated as soon as the game updates.
    System tabs are the tabs, you can "botear" multiple accounts simultaneously.
    You can configure your account in the bot, in which case it will automatically relog if a problem such as drop Internet among others.
    System screenshots, he "shoots" the game screen when it encounters a problem in this case is easier to identify them, you can also use this system manually.
    It can be configured to take a specific reward Event Surprise automatically.
    "Enable" the "tickets" Roulette Maluca gains automatically, saving space in the backpack.
    It has the option to reduce CPU consumption for slower computers.
    General Interface bot also available in Brazilian Portuguese language.
    Very stable, can run continuously for several hours or even days.
    Injection System undetectable in the game.
    Updated and working perfectly after Jagex Bot Nuke (25 October 2011).
    Initially undetectable Bay of Bots (October 2012).
    There is no need to create accounts on websites or entries to use this bot.
    All scripts have paints, images that appear stating things like EXP / Time, and Total Earned EXP Run Time (Runtime) among others.
    You do not need programs like Eclipse JDK or Java or custard, none of this.
    Bot 100% in Java Script, never using your mouse and also works minimized (not a "Color Image Bot").

    And just below the instructions EpicBot guys!

    Download and install EpicBot, in this topic you can find the download and a tutorial installation.
    Open EpicBot, it is recommended that you pause your antivirus, firewall or other protection software that can derail before opening it.
    Expect the EpicBot check for updates and download the game.
    When the login screen RuneScape must set up an account on bot.
    Go to Edit> Accounts and click the symbol doll (first symbol).
    Now you must fill in the fields with their data from their account. In "Username" you should put your Login if you use e-mail to login put the email, "password" password set, "Reward" is the reward of the surprise event, select what you want the bot take, "Pin" database password, select "member" if you are a member in the game, and finally "Take Breaks" if you want to use the system breaks automatic (disguise).
    With (s) account (s) set (s), log into the game and manually enter any world.
    Go to the place where you want to "botear" with some script.
    When you are ready click the "Play" or "Run Script", select a script and the name of the desired account, configure script and start it. Ready!

    Note: You only need to configure (s) account (s) once, you just need to reconfigure if you want to really change the accounts or make other changes. The accounts are saved in the bot.

    Free Agility - Script for Training "Agility".
    Free Burner - Script for training "Art of Fire."
    Free Chopper - Script for training "Woodcutting".
    Free Citadel - Script task that meets the "Fortress of the Clans."
    Free Cooker - Script for training "Cooking".
    Free Fighter - Script for skills training Combat (Attack, defense, strength, ranged combat, etc).
    Free Fisher - Script for Training "Fishing".
    Free Flax Spinner - Transforms linen online.
    Free Flaxer - Collection "flaxes" to get money.
    Fletcher Free - Script for training 'Fletching. "
    Free Miner - Script mineirador.
    Free Planker - Produces boards through the warehouse.
    Free Prayer - Prayer Train (buries bones).
    Free ** 'er - Train "Runecrafting".
    Free Range Guild - Train "Fighting the Distance" in their guild.
    Free Runespan - * NEW! * Train "Runecrafting" no "RuneSpan."
    Free Smelter - Train "Metallurgy".
    Free Summoner - Train "Evocation."
    Tanner Free - Turns skins into leather.
    Free Thiever - Script for training "Theft".
    Free Value Finder - Find the values โ€‹โ€‹of the database items (and total),
    Free Vial Filler - Empty bottle `d get money for water.
    Free Yak Fighter - Script to fight against the "Yaks".

    Video demo below!

    Video installation tutorial below!

    Note: (This video is not of my own, all credits belong to their respective author)



    All detections correspond only adware (software that undesirable but not pose risks to computers) are software "boring" that attempts to install, polluting your computer such as walls among other roles, adware ALL THESE CAN BE SIMPLY DENIED DURING INSTALLATION EPICBOT, just stay tuned to reject them!

    Well that was my first post here on the site about games of PGC, I'm happy to help everyone, Any Doubt Comment or add me on Skype: Gabriel.catro - Thanks for the attention of everyone, and ask that your to me thx help turn vip ^ ^

    A amizade desenvolve a felicidade e reduz o sofrimento, duplicando a nossa alegria e dividindo a nossa dor.

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