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    Post Quick and dirty tutorial on editing RS client memory

    Also once i have the proper privileges I will post screen shots and video

    This is a quick and dirty tutorial on how to edit the Runescape official client memory
    Tools needed - Your choice of memory scanner I use Tsearch and CheatEngine, but any will do

    -First just load the client and log this tutorial I want you to go to the wilderness ditch.

    -Load up your memory scanner and attach the client

    -Change data type to double

    -Get next to the ditch but dont jump it.

    -Search unknown initial value

    -Jump the ditch and search has increased

    -Jump back over the ditch again and search has decreased

    -Repeat this til the number of address's drop

    -If they dont seem to be going down wait a few seconds (also never move the screen) and search unchanged value.

    -Then hop the ditch and do the appropriate search for the side your on

    -Once you have ~100 address's or less or a lil more is ok, jump to either side and see if any of them have a value of 0 (zero)

    -The ones that do are what we want, add them to the list and Click find out what accesses this address.

    -It should bring up the asm, look for MM0 or MM instructions (They are graphical)

    -Nop them and see what they do, alot of them will allow you to move the camera freely ,zoom in real close or zoom out far!

    -You can also edit the asm code and make it do all kinds of useful things.

    -Post or pm with any questions, and like I sai, as soon as im able I will post pics/videos showing what you can do and how to do it.

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