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    [HELP]I want to play a good browse game

    lease I am looking for a good game browser so that I can spend my time, I would like you to give me a hint of some kind of game!

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    It's a text based browser where you get to pick what your character is (dragonborn, undead, human, werewolf, vampire, etc..), your alignment (good, neutral, evil) and pick fights with other players too, but you you have to have to go train to build up your strength first. To sustain yourself with in-game provisions(food, weapons, armors, amulets, etc..) you have to do jobs to gain resources to buy said things. You can also travel to different cities and find different mythical monsters to beat up to loot coppers and maybe items. Buy and form a team of your pets to duel in the arena!

    It's a text based MORPG so it is possible to chat and socialize..and stuff
    If you want to try it then go to this link:
    Noctus RPG: Open Beta

    you way wonder about the numbers on the link, well it is a referral link.

    If you would rather play a mindless online shooting game then try this one: Tanks, 3D, Flash, No Download, need I say more?

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    Tibia Flash Client
    it ill take your time, your life, your money and protect your virginity
    Tibia - Free Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game - MMORPG

    i tested the flash client for 5 minutes only
    the graphics are better than original client

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