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    devlings - new browser mmorpg

    Hi, i want to present you this new browser game and hear your oppinion about it.

    It's named Devlings.


    DEVLINGS is a free browser game, a multiplayer strategy game, where you play with the little devils hidden in your life. You can find them in traffic, at the bank, or in your government and everywhere there is trouble. The purpose is to gather them all and clean the country of theese little beings that make things go bad. You may build armies and combat other players or attack public institutions to steal their devlings.


    We are all surrounded by devlings. Wherever we look, there is a little devil messing things up. Lately, since the financial crisis, their number increased. There are so many little devils now, that even God is very very upset. It was enough for Him to make an earthly trip to a church, in some country, some time ago, to check on humans. He spent ten hours in traffic. "Enough!", God thundered. "It is too much! I have never seen a country more full of little devils as this one. It's time to do something. It's time to get rid of theese devlings", the Creator said, after which he spoke to the people: "He who catches most devlings, will assure a place in heaven! Get those devlings!"
    And just like that, humans started to look for and catch the little devils! How many did you catch?


    Release Date: January 1st 2012 (international)
    May 5th 2008 (Romania - on - currently 3000 players)
    Type: Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy
    Subscription: Free to play
    Character level up: Yes
    Items, Artefacts, Potions: Yes (may be obtained by attacking public institutions)
    Quests: Yes
    PVP (Player v Player): Yes

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    Maybe is good, but only testing to say the experience of the game

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    looks like a children's play lol

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