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    Wink Dragonsaga Command Bug

    So , To those of us who play Dragonica \ Dragonsaga, We all know there are all kind of commands , You may think that only the GM or the Admin
    have the power of using commands . You're wrong.
    There are plenty of commands that Normal players, no matter what level they are , no matter what items they are using , can use.
    Today I'll intreduce to you a really nice command , Nice for trolling . As for me, I love trolling , that's hillarious and never gets old
    I'll also tell you a story how can it be useful.

    I entered "Abyss Arena" , Which is a map where a Frost Giant spawns , Fire Giant spawns and the most important , Dark Giant spawns
    The Dark Giant boss can spawn " Dark Giant Wings" Which are very expensive and good for Dark resist and dark element attack.
    There was a guy who entered the place with me , it was just 2 of us , And I couldnt take the risk of him possibly dropping the Wings
    and also killing me (since its a PVP - PVE arena) . So before the Giants spawned I told the guy to use the command below :

    {G=/C} Hey

    I told him its a cool command and it will make his speed increase and he actually believed me , He typed that (note : after you type the {G=/C}
    it will be invisible but then you will write the text "Hey" and press Enter
    After he typed that It diconnected him and I laughed so hard .

    So you may think , how can it get better ? The thing is , The Dark Giant dropped his wings and I sold that for alot of money.
    Imagine what couldve happend if I didnt let him write that command

    Try it for yourself and write below what funny stories happend to you while trolling your friends \ people

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