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    Post [Facebook Game] Criminal Case

    This is one of the hacks I found for Criminal Case facebook. Not very powerful but enough for you to get decent high score for the investigation and get rid of the trouble finding items or solving puzzles to complete.

    Following is a little guide written by myself.

    1. Start criminal case
    2. Open Criminal Case V.23.32bit.EXE
    3. There will be a notice by the creator at start, don't close it, drag it to side.
    4. In the hack window, click the drop down menu for browser, if you're using google chrome, choose chorme, firefox then choose firefox, respectively.
    5. click enable all hack.
    6. One enabled, for finding items game, just click anywhere on the screen rapidly to complete the game. Whereas for puzzle game, simply match any of the puzzle quickly since it will consider the right match.

    Note: not advisory to use the puzzle game hack, since the hacked puzzle game only can be complete with even number of puzzle pieces. Please take note of that.

    Credit of this hack goes to the creator.
    Guide written by myself.

    Attached are the file:
    Criminal Case V.23.32bit.rar

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