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    [Guide] BOI In-Game Money, Coin, Salary, ZEN, Credit

    In-Game Money, Coin, Salary, ZEN, Credit, and Bonus Explained

    This in-game currency guide will detail out some of the in-game currencies used to trade items. There are many in-game currencies that you will encounter in BoI to trade items between players or even trade for new equipments from the system NPC's. All the different names can be complicated at times and this guide will help beginners to understand the different currency terms used in Battle of the Immortals.

    The currencies discussed in this guide include: Coin, Salary, ZEN, Credit, and Bonus


    is the main in-game currency for BoI that is used to upgrade skills, buy quest scrolls, buy potions, and exchange with other players

    1. Sell Monster Drops to NPC:
    Monster drops various items and some of which can be sold to the in-game Merchant NPCs for various amount of coins.

    2. Sell Rare Drops to Other Players:
    You could obtain rare equipments such as Soul Gear items via instance dungeons which can be sold to other players for a generous amount of coins. Some equipments can be sold more than the others because of player demand.

    3. Sell Pets to Other Players:
    Pets that are rare or with strong pets can often be sold for a pretty penny. However the player needs to be pretty keen as to how much his/her pets can be sold in order to make good profits out of trading pets.

    4. Complete Quests:
    Quests throughout the game offer EXP and coins as a part of the reward. There are also daily quests such as .Crazy Shopping and Academic Trials that can reward you with generous amount of coins at higher level.

    5. Sell ZEN:
    You could charge ZEN with real money and then exchange with other players for Coins at the ZEN trade facility.


    is a type of currency in which you can spend at the Salary Market place for items. You can obtain Battle of the Immortals (BoI) Salary via the following methods:

    1. Be Online:
    You can obtain salary from the exit window. The salary amount awarded is based on how much time you are online and is released in two-hour increments.

    2. Exchange Zeal:
    There is a weekly Zeal counter for every minute you spent online after Level 30. You can visit the NPC Salary Reward after you obtain 6000 zeal points and get a huge salary reward. The counter is reset after you exchange for Salary.

    3. Use Salary Card:
    Upon completing the Trial for the Brave (ToB), you will receive a salary card as a quest reward which can be used for additional Battle of the Immortals (BoI) Salary Points.


    is a type of currency in which you can spend at the ZEN Market place for items. You can obtain Battle of the Immortals (BoI) ZEN via the following methods.

    1. Real Money Exchange:
    ZEN is a virtual currency that can be charged for real money via several methods including direct credit card charge, game cards purchased in stores such as Target, and more at the rate of 1 USD = 100 ZEN. Choose a denomination you can safely afford. Never pay outside your means.

    2. In-Game Exchange:
    You can trade ZEN with other players using the ZEN Trade facility. The rate is dependent by Server and how much players are willing to pay or buy for ZEN.

    3. Complete Free and Paid Offers:
    You can obtain ZEN by completing the offers that Perfect World has with different vendors. Offers differ and the ZEN reward amount differ. The offer can range from a simple internet toolbar download with a reward of 50 ZEN to expensive DIRECTV installing with a reward of 5000 ZEN.


    is a type of currency in which you can spend at the Credit Market place for items. You can obtain Battle of the Immortals (BoI) Credit via the following method:

    1. Spend Zen:
    You get credits for buying items in the ZEN marketplace. 66 Credits is awarded for every 100 ZEN spent. Note: Credit is also awarded for ZEN spent at the ZEN market place which you traded via in-game coin.


    is a type of currency in which you can spend at the Bonus Market place for items. You can obtain Battle of the Immortals (BoI) Bonus via the following method:

    1. Inductees Spend Zen:
    You get Bonus for when your inductees spend ZEN to buy items in the ZEN marketplace. Someone becomes your inductee when he/she uses your induction code upon registering.

    13 Ways to Make In-Game Coins Fast, Quick, and Easy

    Battle of the Immortals Online (BoI) is a online MMORPG game from Perfect World. This simple guide will lay out a couple of ways to make in-game coins fast, quick, and easy.

    These methods generate money on a consistent basis, in order to make the most BoI coins possible, you should consistent do all of the following items on a daily basis. You could even consider making several Alts and run the daily quests in order to make more money. Perfect World currently allows one single computer to run up to three clients execution at one time. You could take advantage of it and triple your money income.

    1. Regular Quests
    Coins from quests add up gradually as you do them. In the mean time, you can also get stuff worth selling like the fortify crystals and mount gems.

    2. Academic Tests
    Academic Tests become available at Level 30. At lower names the coins are not that great but the quest reward of the Advanced Deed of Trusts can sell decently. In addition at level 60+, the coin gain becomes significant which sits at around 30,000 coins and plus.

    3. Crazy Shopping
    Crazy Shopping becomes available at Level 45. You can do it from 2 to 6 times a day depending on your level and you can make about 50,000 coins.

    4. Cave of Haze
    Cave of Haze becomes accessible at Level 55+. It is a treasure hunt on a daily basis. However if your server is busy, you might end up with nothing after the run. You have a potential of making on average of 120,000 coins upward to 300,000 coins depending on your luck.

    5. Hall of Illusion
    Hall of Illusion becomes available at Level 65. Transfer to Hall of Illusion by talking to Trance in Atlantis Square. Four NPCs will have quest for you and reward you with 10,000 Coins each. Meaning that you can make up to 40,000 upon completion of the quest.

    6. Armor of the Brave
    System message will announce when the Armor of the Brave is about to begin. For level 65 and below, you kill Pharaohs King's Gorge, you could get there easier by taking the Cave of Haze teleporter from Atlantis Square. Level 65+ will be required to kill Minotaurs at Viking Steppe. You could make from 50,000 to 100,000 coins if you complete all 4 and depends on your finishing place.

    7. Events
    Events like Dragon Island and Fallen Darkness give good coin rewards. You could earn about 30,000 coins.

    8. Poseidon Events
    You could obtain Monster deeds by forming a 6 man group and do Poseidon event. The event should take less than 30 min to finish all 20 scrolls. You could make about 50,000 coins after selling the 80+ monster scrolls that you obtain through the event..

    9. Dungeons and Instances
    trade the items that drop from the boss. See Segg in Atlantis and buy the correct scroll to collect your reward. Advanced Deed of Trust is required per item turn in.

    a. Dragon Emperor's Crypt
    Level 45+ - Dragon's Seal trades for about 10,000 Coins after factoring the scroll cost.

    b. Specter Island
    Level 60+ Silver Goblet drops from the Captain Barbert which is the last boss in the dungeon. Note: You kill him twice in Elite mode, therefore you will get 2 Silver Goblets. You can make 15,000 Coins per each Silver Goblets. With the limit of 5 deeds per day, you could make about 60,000 coins.

    c. Giza/Pyramid Instance
    Level 75+ You could get Pharoah's Heart.

    10. Vend Your Items
    Sell all your items through vending if possible. It is better to sell them for 2,500 - 50,000 Coins each rather than selling to NPC for 500 Coins.

    11. Buy Low and Sell High
    You could spend more time in Atlantis Square and focus on the new shops that open. Make mental notes on what items sell fast and at what price. If you stumble upon items that are priced below market price, you could buy them and resell for a profit..

    12. Zodiac Cards
    You could stock pile on the current month's Zodiac cards while Kardanny the NPC sells them and Monsters drop them. You could then wait for a couple months and resell them at a profit.

    13. ZEN trading
    You could obtain ZEN by either spending real money or obtain them through offers. You could then make fast coins by trading with other players via the ZEN trading facility. This is not a bad option if you make good income in real life and simply want to have good time in game without slaving over simple coins.
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