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    [Guide] Understanding BOI Pet System

    The pet system in the Battle of the Immortals (BoI) is quite complicated for beginners to the game with many stats, attributes and factors. This guide will help you to determine whether your pet is a good fit for your character and playing style, and help you rank your pets more easily. This guide will discuss only briefly but not in detail about the ways of boosting or altering these stats.

    Listing from your pet information screen, this guide will discuss about the pet Type, Quality, Mood, Growth, Meld, Power, Summon Level, Title, Essence, Fortify, and lastly Boost.

    Pet Type
    Your pet's pet type can be any of the following just like a normal player: Str, Int, Vit, and Dex. These types mean that the pet would gain more of that particular stats after leveling up. However, they are fixed and cannot be changed via any way such as Rebirth Stones.

    Quality for Pets is determined upon birth. These qualities affect the natural stats growth of each pet by a certain percentage. The quality of the pet can be changed via the Rebirth Stones.

    • Common: 0% Boost
    • Great: 3% Boost
    • Amazing: 6% Boost
    • Superb: 12.5% Boost
    • Perfect: 25% Boost

    For example if a pet gains x amount of stats on average as a Common quality. It would gain 25% more as a pet with Perfect quality.

    Moods for pets can be either one of the following items.

    • Naughty: Increases Attack Rate by 15%
    • Serious: Increases Accuracy and Evasion by 10%
    • Reckless: Increases Critstrike by 3%
    • Excited: Increases Physical Attack and Magic Attack by 5%
    • Cowardly: Increases Physical Defense and Magic Defense by 10%
    • Calm: Increases HP and MP by 10%
    • Strength: Increases Vitality, Spirit, Strength, Intellect, and Dexterity by 5%.

    Growth is the main factor which determines how strong your pet is. The higher the growth value means that the Pet is stronger assuming that all other stats and skills are equal.

    Pets at different summon level tiers typically have similar growth value range that they fall into. The higher the summon level the higher the growth value that you may get. A rule of thumb to compare the growth value is as follows: (Growth of Pet A + 1000)/ (Growth of Pet B + 1000). The resulting value is the relative strength comparison between Pet A and Pet B.

    In terms of game play, growth is a multiplier that translates your pet’s stats into combat values such as HP and MP, Physical Attack, Magic Attack, Evasion, Accuracy, and Critstrike.

    Pet’s growth can be boosted via a few methods listed below. It should be noted that you DO NOT need to increase the growth at level one in order to obtain the benefits of growth. For example, a level 1 pet with boosted growth value then levels to 70 is equal to a level 70 pet with boosted growth value done at level 70. The time when you increase your pet’s growth does not matter to its final strength calculation.

    Growth values can be changed via the Rebirth Stones. They can be increased using the Fruit of Growth or via the Boosting method.

    Meld tells you whether or not you could breed your pets with a similar pets.

    Power value does not affect your game play and is only used for the Battle of the Immortal’s pet ranking system.

    Summon Level
    You need to be at least this level in order to summon this pet.

    The system ranks your pet and gives your pet a title. This does not affect your game play.

    This value tells your how many times your pet can use Boosting with other pets.

    This value is manually increased by players to further increase their pet’s combat strengths. They range from 0 to 15. However, the chance of success becomes more slim and process becomes more costly. Most players top their fortification level at +9. Below are the bonuses given to the pets based on their fortification level. Note that the pet’s appearance becomes bigger when you fortify it to higher levels.
    • +6 = 14.0%
    • +7 = 18.3%
    • +9 = 35.6%

    You could increase this value either by boosting using other pets or stones. This stat directly impacts your growth value.
    • 1 star: 1%
    • 2 stars: 2%
    • 3 stars: 3%
    • 4 stars: 4%
    • 5 stars: 5%
    • 6 stars: 6%
    • 7 stars: 8%
    • 8 stars: 10%
    • 9 stars: 12%
    • 10 stars: 15%
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