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    [Guide] Pet Melding

    This pet melding guide will explain the complete process of melding your pets including which pets CAN and CANNOT be melded, the requirements, the process, and the final ending result.

    1. What pets cannot be melded:
    1. Adult and full grown pets CANNOT be melded.
    2. Generation 2 mutants CANNOT be melded.
    3. Generation 1 Pets CANNOT be melded.
    4. Note on mutants melding: If your archangels or mimics or fairies do not look exactly the same, they CANNOT be melded. For example: pink pirate mimic cannot meld with wooden box mimic.
    5. For fairy and mimics, different stats based pets CANNOT meld with each other. For example: Str based pet CANNOT meld with INT based.

    2. What pets can be melded:
    Generation 1 mutants CAN be melded
    Rare type pets which are caught in Rainbow Valley CAN be melded.
    Constellation Pets and few others may also be melded.

    3. Requirement
    Pets are given two chances to start melding, first time at level 50 and second time at level 70. Pets can only meld twice in their life time. If the melding opportunity is not used, they can be saved to use at any level once you receive the melding chance by hitting the required levels.
    You need two players carrying the same pet at the same time (1 each). The Pets must be opposite in gender (1 male/1 female). The pets must have 100 loyalty.

    4. Process:
    The two players fitting the criteria need to form a party and then visit NPC Gadro (Pet Melder) in Rainbow Valley (134,99). Select Meld Pet to begin pet melding process. The process takes 5 hours total.

    5. What Happens to Your Original Pet:
    Your original pets are not changed in any way, however they will lose 1 melding opportunity. You have to wait til it hits another required level (level 70) before you can meld with that pet again.You get your pets back as soon as the meld menu closes. You can use your original pets while your new baby pet is growing.

    6. Your New Melded Baby Pet:
    After waiting the 5 hours, both players ca get baby pets (1 each/2 total) by returning to NPC Gadro (Pet Melder) in Rainbow Valley (134,99). Select Receive Meld Pet off the menu. Make sure each player has one empty pet slot to receive the baby melded pet. The new baby pet is level 1 and cannot be rebirthed or melded again in the future.

    7. About Your Baby Pet Stats:
    The Pet's attributes/abilities will be unique, but however they often carry similar traits of their parents.
    The melded baby pet will likely be stronger if the parent pets used for melding have a high growth and quality,

    Results are not fixed. Alot of randomization is played in the melding process. Most of the time your melded pets will inherit the looks of its parents, however in rare cases you will receive a unique looking pet with powerful attributes.

    For Gen 2 pets, they generally inherit the same quality, same base growth, and number of skill slots unlocked. However the chance of you getting an inferior pet is pretty high as well.
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