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    BOI Server Files Fixed!

    Hey Everyone,

    I did a major repack of the files and completed them since people are trying to act as if they fixed them, which is fairly incomplete.

    Windows :

    Linux :

    Required or Recommended Software

    Centos x64 / x32
    MSSQL 2008 R2
    Windows 2008 R2 / Windows 2008 [ Server ]
    Do not try anything that uses UAC ( It doesn't let program run properly always, plus you have to disable it on win 7. )

    How to install

    You must be running CentOS / Fedora / RHEL release since that's the only system I will build it for.

    Linux side....

    To install you will have to follow a certain set of commands....

    First of all install boi-linux.tar.gz in the root folder... and run
    tar xvfz boi-linux.tar.gz

    once that is completed and extracted run

    This will install and update your CentOS / Fedora / RHEL to complete the installation and install MySQL and various libraries required.

    Installation Directory is : /home/BOI

    Once that is complete run

    It will install all database files into the system.

    before finishing and running make sure edit all cfg files in the /home/BOI Directory.....


    Unzip the files to C:\Server

    Go through all the files and look through configuration files and replace

    Windows - Windows IP ( PRIVATE ) or ( PUBLIC ) private is suggested
    Linux - Linux IP ( PRIVATE ) OR PUBLIC


    To run :

    Linux : ./

    Windows :
    Open files in Order....

    run.bat -> AuAgent
    Gate Server
    Manager Server

    and it takes about 1 - 5 minutes to load and viola


    Credits : ME

    Do not post guide or files without properly crediting me for the release, yes this means you axel.... Thanks!

    Credits: shijiegames

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    It's good to know people still credit people for releasing things.

    If you guys need help or anything just ask!

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    Server files !

    How can i install this files ? Any one can post guide how to do it ? Thanks

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