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    New offset after titan update

    Hi all, new offset ;D


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    Can you help me to discover these variants to update the code?
    my program OLLYDBG or does not work in my PC, or to be crazy and does not want to work .........
    thx and sorry my poor lenguage i am no native

    PHP Code:
    //uses a bag item in-game
    void UseBagItem(int SlotIndex
    int Function_Addr pBag_UseItem;
    mov eax0x00000000
                mov ecx
                mov edx
    0x0A7C73D0 //diff
    mov ebxSlotIndex    //slot number

    mov esi0x0B8CE790 //diff
    mov edi0x010C89E0

                push 1
                push SlotIndex     
    //slot number
    push 0                //Something, but idk what

    call [Function_Addr]

    PHP Code:
    //Travels to point in game, can go to another map
    void MapAutoRoute(int MapIDfloat Xfloat Y)
    float X_Map_Coord * (float)(25.0/16.0);
    float Y_Map_Coord * (float)(25.0/16.0);

    int Function_Addr pMap_AutoRoute;
    //magic stuff
    mov eax0x00E555F8
            mov ecx
            mov edx
    0x00000000 //huh?
    mov ebx0x00000078 //changes, but dont know why
                                //96 = 150,160
                                //AA = 170,160
                                //B4 = 180,160
                                //96 = 180,150
                                //A0 = 180,160
    mov esi0x010B1048
            mov edi

            push Y_Map_Coord
            Push X_Map_Coord     
    //float Y Coord
    Push MapID            //Map Id
    Call [Function_Addr]

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