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    Spawn Boss or any monster to all or specific realm.

    This tutorial is for those who are running a WOI server; some may already know this but others might not so this is mainly focus on how to get bosses or mobs to spawn in different realm or all realm.

    Step 1
    Open your monster.slk (recommend Gnumeric or excel) which should be located in "You Server Folder/GameServer/Slk/Monster.slk"

    Step 2
    On the spread sheet there are letters in each column scroll right in till you see column CC.
    Column CC: is the Refresh Realm meaning that anything that spawn will be put in a specific realm or all.

    Blank space = All Realm 
    #(1-8) = Specific Realm
    Step 3
    If you want boss/monster is spawn in all realm just delete anything in the CC row and leave it blank, but if you want to set a boss/monster to a specific realm just change/add the Realm number to that row; for example, I want Garry The Goblin Lord to spawn in odd realm so I input 1;3;5;7 after that save it and launch the line.exe then go ingame to see that Garry spawn in odd realm only. If you just want it to spawn in 1 realm just input the realm server ID and it will spawn there.

    Here is a picture of Garry spawn in realm 3:

    That conclude this tutorial; hope you guys enjoy the little tutorial I made.

    NanayQ (RZ)

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