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    Função WinKill e WinWaitActive (Source)

    Function Hello friends and friends of Area AutoIT.
    I came today to share a Source Level BEGINNER.
    So let the work by hand.
    Open SciTE Editor and Copy and Paste the code below:

    # RequireAdmin
    TrayTip ("Waiting Notepad", "Notepad Waiting", 1000, 6)
    WinWaitActive ("Untitled - Notepad")
    WinKill ("Untitled - Notepad")
    MsgBox (64, "Notepad has been finalized," "The Notebook was completed with success!")
    I admire most other programmers not paid any dick!!

    Admiro outros Programadores mais nao pago pau pra nenhum !!

    Skype: Vitor Monteiro

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