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    Hackshield of Knight Online - Help

    Hello people of PGC!,

    I'm playing on the game Knight Online and a time ago this game got a hackshield
    Now, i can't farm any gold or nothing, so all my money is gone, and i need ur guys help
    Also i saw ZeusAFK got problems with it to, only a couple of bots get trough the HS and i need help

    This is a hackshield own made by the game, not xtrap not gameguard, here is the map and some info about it :

    I don't find any working code ....
    Also, what i have to do with the code, if i have a code, do i need to just create a windows form app and create a button and put the code in it?, i know its not that but idk

    Normal i'm good with this but hackshields, nah :s

    If someone can help me, Please help, i can give u everything from info's u want.


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    anywone ?

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