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    xTrap On Gamigo LastChaos

    Well, first off im building a hack that works on all the official servers (and EP2 private). I wrote a simple test.dll to inject when the client loads, that will return the characters HP when ingame. The library isn't detected by xTrap as "hack tools" (no error is thrown, I can still get ingame). The problem that I am having is xTrap seems to be recognizing there is a new thread being spawned in the game client process. And it seems to immediately suspend that thread (making the injected code useless). Is there any way to combat that from happening? I don't want to get too "hacky" with it, as my hooks aren't being detected as a hacktool (undetected). I just need to fight off what's stopping the thread from being suspended.
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    Actually, it is my experience that the latest Xtrap even shuts down the entire client once it detects an attempt to spawn an additional Thread on the client process.
    However, I think a much more practicle way of exploiting is to use a proxy on WSock. That works entirely fine and so far has not been detected by Xtrap.

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