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    Using Peerblock to avoid anti-cheat systems and their IP phoning techniques

    I will guide you through how to prevent your IP address from being transmitted to anti-cheat systems, using Peerblock.

    First, if you are using Windows, you can download Peerblock at: hxxp://www[.]peerblock[.]com/releases

    A mini-point: I would suggest using the 1.1 Beta release, as the currently latest stable at 1.2 does not offer the ability to make port exceptions. This will be a nuisance, given the specific ports many games use.

    Next, after installing peerblock, open it up, and click on the button labeled as "List Manager."

    Sometimes Peerblock will give issues with downloading and updating lists, so if you have enough HDD space, I would suggest you download lists manually from: hxxps://www[.]iblocklist[.]com/lists.php?category=organizations

    Now, the way to do this, and a quick way at that, is to take the update url and do hxxp://list[.]iblocklist[.]com/?list=[list name, from update-url, goes here]&fileformat=p2p&archiveformat=7z

    now, extract the archive using something like WinRAR or Peazip, and click the Add button inside of the Peerblock window [which you shouldn't have exited out of yet]. Select the "add file" radio option. Hit the browse button, and choose the file that should've been extracted from the 7z archive.

    Select the Block/Deny option, and hit OK. Now, update your lists in the main GUI, and you've blocked the anti-cheat engines.

    These are the lists for anti-cheat engines/companies:

    -Electronic Arts
    -Crowd Control Productions
    -Square Enix
    -Riot Games
    -Linden Lab
    -Sony Online Entertainment

    * (at the end of the name) = might cause issues with logging in, on MMORPGs.

    There are some more lists, such as this one, off-site: hxxp://john[.]bitsurge[.]net/public/biglist.p2p.gz

    Hope this helps.

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