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    Red face x trap bypass problem

    Guys i have some problem in my c++ xtrap bypass source code
    first step find the address Driver is ["X6va019"] now i need to use Cheat Engine to find the address ok i found 3 address 2 do nothing and 1 do that

    i sure that one is the correct address now i need to write my xtrap bypass codes
    i use K32EnumProcesses
    wmemcpy((wchar_t*)0x402AD5F0, (const wchar_t*)"X6va01", 6);
    i change "X6va019" to "X6va01" that correct ?
    but my problem is

    found this tutorial called memory protection
    talk about create a fake page and make xtrap scan it
    that what i understand from this topic
    Something real how can create the fake page ?

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