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    20 Animes you can not fail to see.

    Major, Yu yu hakusho, Gintama, GTO, Trigun, Durarara!, Hokuto no Ken, One outs, Death note, Code geass
    Dragonball, Cowboy Bebop, Saint seya: the lost canvas, Yu-gi-oh, Accel World, Angel Beats!, Bakuman, Naruto,
    Fairy Tail and Bleach.

    Well, these are some of the good animes I've seen, has many other, more are for another time.

    I hope you enjoyed!

    bye !
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    Anime series that have over 3948507983689345156 episodes demotivate me to watch.... it's just not about failing to watch them. Those that been longer around is hard to catch up on that to be up to date with it today.

    I prefer single anime movies, one time watched - all unterstood, everything enjoyed.

    My favourites, that are worth to be watched:
    All from Studio Ghibli, GitS, GitS2:Innocent, Appleseed, Perfect Blue, Blood, Tokyo Godfathers, Akira, Spriggan, Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, Neko no Ongaeshi, Millenium Actress, Brave Story, Afro Samurai Movies, some movies from NGE and many other from Production I.G.

    (@ Mods: I've been only inactive for few months, had final exam stress and finished study so you should also understand us having a life as well. These resctrictions are kinda harsh for my taste. Please release me back from the restricted user group, thx.)

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