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    Post [Review] Toaru majutsu no index


    Considering this is an anime sub-section, I don't see why I can not add a review for any kind of Anime here. Hopefully this will be a bit enlightening for anyone looking for new anime's, or just scrolling by. Anywho, let's get on with it.

    PS: This is a review of the FIRST season, as the second season is under a different name.

    STORY: 9/10
    The story takes place mostly in Academic City, which is inhabited mostly by Espers, who have psychic powers. Magical powers are usually owned by disciples of the churches. The story is about a guy, named Touma Kamijo, who has a supernatural power which can't be defined as magical, psychic or divine. He can nullify any other power, no matter which kind. There's a trade off, though. His arm also seems to nullify good luck. Talk about a whimp, eh? He usually tried to be the good guy when he could, and just generally stay out of trouble. Though, one day he found a girl hanging on his balcony, who later turned out to be a nun of the Church of England. She carried the Index-Librorum-Prohibitorum - Which is more or less a collections of hundreds of thousands of forbidden texts, not allowed to be read by anyone. Ofcourse, having such power means people would be all after her, right? Being the good guy, Touma started trying to protect Index-chan.

    ANIMATION: 8/10
    While the anime was made in 2008, it still has rather fluid and nice animation, especially in the special effects department. Though I still wish all the magic and whatnot would have been much more vibrant and... well "magical". I give a solid eight out of ten.

    If you wish for me to review any other parts of the anime, please let me know.

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