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    NCsoft Launcher.exe copies itself to solve!

    Hello! Many places have seen the question of why begins to copy itself to "NCLauncher.exe" they could not a solution.

    So when you downloaded the launcher installed, the program would start automatically mad he starts to copy the "NCLauncher.exe" in the names:
    nc0c7c ~ 1.copy.exe
    nc0c7c ~ 2.copy.exe

    After 20 minutes, thousands, or even tens of thousands of files are created in this way.

    I contacted NCsoft. They did not know what to tell you why this is.

    Then it turned out that there is a "cute" virus which in some programs to give the order to copy itself.

    Name of the virus Win32: Neshta

    Infects everything, but not all of the anti-virus program indicates. I have NOD32 and Norton did not indicate only the Avast.

    I hope I helped those who may have problems that were / are at the top.

    Sorry for my bad english ...

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