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    AION TOOL MULTI-Hack for EU and NA [Latest Updates]

    Hi there ! i'm just a "noob" passing by here ,and i present you the multi-hack tool for aion both EU and NA , the hack still works in the latest updates of Aion (3.7 & 3.9) and also AION MULTI-HACK changes its file name every time you open it ,so the server cant block it by name .Here are the working functionalities of the hack :

    AION MULTI HACK - [06.20.2013] [UPDATED for EU & NA SERVERS] - YouTube

    - Super Jump
    - ZOOM Hack
    - Speed Hack
    - No gravity Hack
    - Flight Glide lock hack
    - Flight Glide UP hack
    - Flight Glide DOWN hack
    - Teleport Hack down
    - Teleport Hack up
    - Teleport Hack forward
    - Teleport Hack Backward

    Instructions for Aion Multi-Hack:
    1.Login with your character in the game
    2.Open Aion Multi-Hack
    3.Select yourself in target (F1)
    4.Put the Hotkeys for the activation of the options
    5.Check the options which you want to be active
    6.Press the Hotkeys for turning them ON/OFF
    7.Enjoy the Game
    6.1. Btw ,you have Life-Time License ,so you don't need to worry about monthly payments ;D

    You can download AION MULTI-HACK :


    (Yes ,it's a survey download... but hey it's a free one , and you get a hack for a lifetime and you dont need to pay monthly fees!)

    VT Scan :

    (even though i dont know why it has been detected with so many threats :/ , the guys which downloaded this file ... have said that it works (10) vs 1 which doesnt know how to use it :/

    And you can also check my blog for other hacks ! :

    My blog

    made by tr0y
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    Thumbs down fake

    Thank you very much for you fake hack. If this isn't fake why you uploaded to the survey protected website?

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    Hello there

    Hello n good time
    This works in the new Aion 4.0 cuz i try and i get an error, if you can plz let me know.

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    don't click theese links, its a fake with publicity or something like that...

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