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    AION 2.7 Offsets


    Hey guys,

    Since Aion is going F2P soon, I started on some developing. I looked around for a couple of hours yesterday and I wasnt able to find any offsets newer then 2.1 anywhere. So I thought it would be nice to share offsets for 2.7 that I have found so far, and maybe request some help.

    Player structure offsets:


    Entity structure offsets:


    Open up cheatEngine:

    Then Have nothing as your Target. And Search for 0. Then press tab to select a target, and search for changed value. Then Select another target and search for changed value, wait 5 secs search for unchanged value, run away until you got no target, and search for exact value = 0, and there you go with the offset to the pointer to the target

    And the Offsets from the pointer stay the same mostly... If not:

    - Add the Pointer to the Memory List, and Rightclick it, and then select browse this memory region and search where you can find the desired value and copy the offset.

    Well happy trying guys good luck

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